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24th Jul 2005, 04:14
Was just surfing around and saw this other website's forum. Looks like we may have an answer after all???


:D :D

25th Jul 2005, 20:39
Whats the future of the B767 in QF?

Buster Hyman
25th Jul 2005, 21:27
Okay, I'll bite. Anyone know what this (http://www.jtavendale.com/todd/n6066z4.jpg) box with red LED's is sitting atop the instruments???:confused: Test equipment perhaps?

25th Jul 2005, 21:50
Buster, its just a standard mk 17A Confabulator. I'm not sure if its the Singer-Link one or the Lear Siegler.

Buster Hyman
26th Jul 2005, 01:57
Ahh...of course. Silly me!:O

Going Boeing
26th Jul 2005, 09:44

The majority of B763's were built between 87 & 94 so they will come up for retirement about the right time for the B787-3 to replace them - expect an order for the B787-3, B787-8 & B787-9 in conjunction with the imminent B777-300ER order. I suspect that the youngest B763's will transfer to AO as their 4 older aircraft are retired (they currently have the newest B763 VH-OGV). :D

26th Jul 2005, 10:41
A taxi meter??:p :p

30th Jul 2005, 15:52
Looks like either a gonkulator or... I've got it - it's a speed camera set-up. They can point the radar gun at oncoming aircraft and ping them for speeding.

Actually this might be a good shot for the JB caption comp...

30th Jul 2005, 18:31
Its the credit card machine where you swipe for your endorsement.


30th Jul 2005, 20:00
It's an after-market rebop detector...

Also detects claptrap, tommyrot, jive, bushwa, codswallop, and bulldoody.