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23rd Jul 2005, 01:47
According to "The Australian", aviation Miister Truss has told Qantas to lift its game and stop being so Sydney-centric.

There, that makes at least two of us who think that QF is a wart on the bum of progress.

23rd Jul 2005, 02:11
My suspicion is that Warren Truss and Sunfish are the SAME PERSON!!!:(

travel thickness
23rd Jul 2005, 03:31
You mean they share the same rectum?...Gosh!

Sandy Freckle
23rd Jul 2005, 06:43
And, aaahhh, just where is this article Sunfish? You have a reference? Or a quote? Or a URL?

Or are you just making things up as you go along as usual....

.....idiot:yuk: .

23rd Jul 2005, 07:13
Mr Freckle you might try here, it only took me 30 seconds.

Warren Truss and QF (http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,5744,16006488%255E23349,00.html)

How about looking before you leap or is it simpler to abuse someone for your own laziness.

23rd Jul 2005, 10:57
It doesn't change the fact that Sunfish and Warren Truss both share a startling ignorance of the reality that confronts QANTAS in relation to its services to and from Melbourne, and indeed all of Australia's "smaller" capitals.

The article in question makes reference to the multitude of Malaysian, Singapore, Cathay etc. tails at the international terminal in Melbourne in comparison to QANTAS.

Assuming the majority of passengers on these airlines' aircraft are on their way to Europe, the simple reality is that these airlines take one planeload of people from Melbourne to their hub and then split them amongst several aircraft with passengers from other services and countries to continue onto their destinations in Europe.

For example, SQ would have passengers from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Singapore and any other city that is linked to Singapore by SQ on its services to Europe.

QANTAS doesn't have this luxury. The passengers it collects in Melbourne or Sydney for a flight to Europe are the ones it has to carry all the way through. It doesn't have a hub in Asia to collect passengers inbound from several other countries. The only passengers on its aircraft will be ex. Australia.

The volume of traffic from Melbourne simply doesn't justify several daily or even weekly direct services to various European cities. If it did, QANTAS would have been doing it years ago and would still be doing so.

QANTAS is like any other public company. It's got to provide a sufficient return to the market to remain viable. WIth the QANTAS Sale Act limiting foreign ownership to 49% the Government has forced QANTAS to remain an "Australian" carrier; allowing the Government to retain the prestige of a flag carrier without having to contribute anything.

QANTAS will only operate on routes that justify the investment of considerable assets. Several daily services from Melbourne direct to European cities are simply not justified.

Sunfish, GET OVER IT.

Warren Truss should and will be made aware of the nature of commercial reality by Geoff Dixon et al.

23rd Jul 2005, 11:56
"In comments that suggest Qantas lobbyists may face a tougher battle than in the past...."

Looks like the Minister for Transport may no longer be the Minister for Qantas.

:} :} :}

Kaptin M
23rd Jul 2005, 15:18
Are you saying, DA, that QANTAS doesn't have the rights to pick up pax out of SIN, for Europe?
That QF stops in SIN, and all pax who were picked up in Oz for Europe remain onboard for the next sector?

A nice long post. but not one based on FACT, is it.

23rd Jul 2005, 17:29
Kaptin M
The luxury DA alludes to is the unfettered rights into Europe that SING AIR et al.enjoy.THe reason QF pulled out of CDG related to its restriction of three serves a week..not enough to achieve economies of scale.There is no open skies policy in the EU which discriminates against carriers like Qantas.
Now that is a fact

Sandy Freckle
23rd Jul 2005, 19:47
Sunfish = Warren Truss = Woomera.

Woomera, please dont lecture me on manners, when the person in question didn't have the courtesy to provide any reference, as would be the custom when one makes an assertion.

Secondly, this person constantly abuses Qantas and their employees. It goes beyond critisism. It is constant abuse. He has openly stated that he wishes me to lose my job.

So you somehow reckon it's right for you to get on your high horse suddenly and call me lazy, when Sunfish can't be bothered providing a reference and clearly has a vendetta against Qantas?

Spare me.

Or do the moderators these days share the anti QF sentiment?

23rd Jul 2005, 22:15
No Kaptin M that's not what I'm saying. I thought long and hard about how to best express what I was trying to say and may not have succeeded.

Essentially, QF doesn't have the number of inbound services and rights to Singapore from various countries and ports that SQ has to make up the number of passengers required to justify multiple daily services to multiple European destinations.

The same is true of Malaysian into Kuala Lumpur, ANA or JAL into Narita and Cathay in Hong Kong. All of these airlines draw from a much larger pool of passengers in their home hub that want to get to Europe.

I'm simply trying to say the scarcity of people in Melbourne who want to get to say Vienna, doesn't justify a direct service by QANTAS but SQ or any of the other airlines can draw passengers inbound to Singapore or any other Asian hub you care to mention from a much broader base than QF can.

Sunfish has long had a bee in his bonnet regarding the Sydney-centric focus of QANTAS. The unfortunate reality that he is seemingly unable to accept (and I come from Melbourne btw Sunfish) is that Melbourne simply is unable to justify the number of services that Sunfish seems to think it deserves. And that's also a fact; one that Warren Truss will need to recognise also.

23rd Jul 2005, 22:59
Looks like the Minister for Transport may no longer be the Minister for Qantas.

Woomera Beautiful http://www.beaty625.com/rblicons/clap.gif

24th Jul 2005, 00:40
Thought you'd like that GG! Truss is a bit of an unknown but he has to be better than his predecessor - and of course, he's a Queenslander!!!

There's hope yet!

How's married life? :E


24th Jul 2005, 01:25
I would have thought it logical and common sense to think that as Sydney has the most people of any city in Austalia, it would have the most travelling public also. To Europe or anywhere else and therefore require more services direct or otherwise than Melbourne?

20 million people in Australia, and 5 million of them in Sydney?

24th Jul 2005, 01:33
Thank you for posting the link Woomera, I read the article in the newspaper but couldn't find it on the net.

DA, Melbourne is not a smaller capital when you take into account the satellite cities around it the way Sydney does.

Furthermore, you are swallowing the same great big lie. "Most people want to go to Sydney". The reality is that after 20+ hours travelling anyone will get out anywhere! You could "Hub" at Alice Springs and then make exactly the same argument ie :"Most people want to go to Alice Springs".

I have said before I was willing to make a statutory declaration regarding AN's prohibition from breaking Sydney's monopoly on 747 turnarounds in the 70's and 80's.

Looks like by buying A380's and hubbing them out of Sydney you are perpetuating this situation, to the benefit of "Sydeny" and to the disadvantage of the rest of the country. This is something you should know if you ever look at the benchmarking statistics all Australian States and plenty of international destinations keep annually to attract overseas investment. - The number of direct international daily flights is critical.

The number of international friends over the years who have told me "Oh we were in Australia last month, but we couldn't get flights to come and see you" or "I wanted to come to Melbourne first before I went to the outback/barrier reef/kakadu, but I couldn't get the flights, I had to go via Sydney" is beyond counting. It is quite subtle how you do it. There is just never any spare capacity out of Melbourne, it all seems to be in Sydney.

Translation: Either service Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth properly or f&8k off and let Singapore do it.

Kaptin M
24th Jul 2005, 02:00
Just a quick detour if it's okay.
Last week, I was watching an interview with American actress, Kirstie Alley, and couldn't help but notice that she has a remarkable resemblance to our own GoGirl (although I'm certain that GG has a personality that would outshine Ms Alley).
Judge for yourselves, those who know GoGirl, "in the flesh".

(Betchya the Brekky Creek Bash is well patronised this year!!)

24th Jul 2005, 02:46

20 million people in Australia, and 5 million of them in Sydney? and I dunno, maybe 60% or more of Australian international arrivals and departures. Certainly more than 20%

Bring on the Ultra Long Range machines and lets go back to the future and around the hubs we never wanted in the first place.:ok:

BTW GG is even better looking and with twice the personality, if that was possible.:D dja think that'll get me kiss.:cool: :E It's geting past tipsy that is the problem.:\

Alien Sex God
24th Jul 2005, 04:17
Kaptin. That's a bit disrespectfull to GG. That picture looks like a tranny!

Kaptin M
24th Jul 2005, 05:14
No disrespect intended.
It was the best I could do at the time, I had only a cheap throwaway Kodak, and Kirstie was eager to.......finish.
That`s Gaunty`s arm behind - he was in charge of wardrobes and props (not ellors).

Sunfish if you believe QANTAS is Sydcentric, you`ll have a field day with Air New Zealand and their scheduling to Asia - if travelling from the South island, then you must break your trip, and spend at least 1 night in Auckland.

25th Jul 2005, 04:38
Kaptin M

When is this bash on, any excuse to go to the Ck for a steak and beer off the wood, and if you have a star thats better than Kirsty I want an invite, even if I don't work for the big Q. Have flown with them heaps if that helps....


Pinky the pilot
25th Jul 2005, 08:03
Kaptin; Naahh sorry. I think that Go Girl is far better looking than the piccy you put up and I've only ever seen photographs of her.
Disco Stu is one plurry lucky fella!!:ok:

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25th Jul 2005, 13:32

I agree with certain aspects of your post regarding flights from Melbourne.
For example one QF flight daily to SIN (which continues on to LHR where you are competing heavily price wise with pax travelling to Europe) verses three by SQ, no longer able to get to BKK except via SYD on QF (TG direct twice a day) are but only two examples of what would seem a lack of direct services to Asian cities from MEL.

My point is that not everyone (especially people on business) wants to go on to Europe ex Aus but that is predominately the only flights on offer to Asia ex MEL aside from HKG and NRT.

28th Jul 2005, 15:11

Breakky Breek Bash '05 details will be posted a little bit down the track, but you can probably http://www.beaty625.com/rblicons/postit.gif something like Saturday the 17th or Sunday the 18th of December in your social calender http://www.beaty625.com/rblicons/excess.gif


The Voice
4th Aug 2005, 21:59
umm .. I'm confused!

I see the BCB (Brekky Ck bash) hinted at as being on again :E GG here and also some tacky reference to 'another one' on JB .. what's the G.O. Kappy M you coming to one and not the other? You making a move? (or, are you just stirring the pot??) :8

in any case ... think I may have a spot of leave at around about that time .. so .. LOOK OUT!! :E