View Full Version : Jesus Wept- Again but for QF pilots this time!

22nd Jul 2005, 05:46
Due to the merging with Valuair & the business plan not being achieved, some QF pilots seconded to J*Asia have offered to work for F/O wages in the LHS of 320's.

Who could blame them?

They were promised commands that didn't eventuate but sympathetic management has had a willing ear evidently.

Keep up the good work!


23rd Jul 2005, 01:13
Just to correct, whilst some were seconded a lot of the batch quietly chose to go. :E

23rd Jul 2005, 07:56
Who could blame them?!!! Why would they be willing to do the job of a Captain for the wages of a First Officer? Who do they think they are doing a favour? It's this sort of prostitution that has undermined the industry in Australia and now they want to to spread the cancer offshore. If J*Asia's pockets are deep enough to buy out their rival ValuAir then they can pay the wages that are due to their employees.

Douglas Mcdonnell
23rd Jul 2005, 08:36
This would have to be a wind up wouldnt it?

Capn Bloggs
23rd Jul 2005, 10:03
This should be good to watch. Gardenbug and Honnie Ronker have an apoplexy as QF pilots backstab their mates. I won't need the glyphosate after all!:}

Kaptin M
23rd Jul 2005, 13:27
"have offered to work for F/O wages in the LHS.................................for how long?

Ronnie Honker
23rd Jul 2005, 15:35
Should we be surprised?
Big Jane (BJ, aka, Fellatio) and her friends are pretty good at rutin this so called profession, and undercutting current rates.
"for how long?"
Well why not until the end of their career - and the day they made that offer is the first day of the rest of their lives!
Talk about slitting your own throat, and Fellatio has got the gall to talk about 5cab5.
Stay offshore you sissys- LKY luvs ya!