View Full Version : New CP for VB

Jimmy Neutron
22nd Jul 2005, 01:10
Brian Kearney has been appointed Head of Flight Operations effective immediately.

If you dont like it we will find some else who will!!! :O

23rd Jul 2005, 05:26
525 viewings of this post so far and not one comment - come on VB drivers, what are your thoughts on BK getting the position? Or are you all working so hard you haven't had time to sit back and digest the news yet. Isn't BK the same age as JR? If so, is this just seen as a 'fill in' until they find who they are really looking for? Is JC dissapointed, or laughing?

23rd Jul 2005, 11:06
what happened to Raby..

Kaptin M
23rd Jul 2005, 11:54
Congratulations on the appointment, Captain K. (and Mrs K.).

23rd Jul 2005, 20:56
Congrats to BK. I think quite a few of the troops will see him as an advocate.

There could be a few more surprises to come though. Look for another level of Flight Ops Management soon. That post holder will be very interesting also.

Who will replace BK's previous position ?

Chief Chook
23rd Jul 2005, 22:12
A popular choice.
Well done Captain Brian. :ok: