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21st Jul 2005, 12:19
I am looking at purchasing a Fokker 1000 for RPT operations in Central Africa and I want to know how they operate in hot and tropical conditions at sea level strips, any comments good and bad about their reliability and performance would be appreciated.

21st Jul 2005, 12:33
Fokker 1000

Err...did you mean an F28-1000, or 10 Fokker 100s' chained together?

:O:confused: :O :ok:

21st Jul 2005, 12:48
Well they operated happily for years in the NW of WA and QLD no problems.

NW temps over 45C at times.

Up to 12S Latitude Darwin in Oz

In Indonesia and PNG as well.

Theres plenty of F28 drivers aorund here who can give you chapter and verse.

I think Alliance?Skywest are no operating a couple again.

Perfect bush aircraft.

Capn Bloggs
21st Jul 2005, 15:22
Forget the Fukker. Get 146s. Bigger inside, better gear, better performance, and the fumes will pale into insignificance compared to those issued by the SLF that you'll be carrying!:ok:

22nd Jul 2005, 02:20
Bloggsie dear boy.

Methinks you have inhaled too many of those 146 fumes and they have addled your brains.:E

22nd Jul 2005, 02:33

This thread reminds me of some of the spam I've been getting lately.....

I am employed by a South African businessman who is looking for an astute business partner.........


22nd Jul 2005, 08:02
Sorry, after seeing so many fruit bats grounded due to maintenance and baggage getting off loaded due to "it's too hot" we arn't even thinking about them. Yesterday we put on line a leased Fokker 100, nice machine but not really a bush machine and already the French aircrew are starting to puss me off.

Capn Bloggs
22nd Jul 2005, 08:09

I was in jest, but if you held a competition for performance in the heat off short runways with 60-70 Pax, the last jet flying will be the 146.

Crew annoying you? Pay them a bit more! :p

25th Jul 2005, 17:30
Now looking to purchase a couple, does anyone know of any around Asia or Australia that are up for sale or lease, all of the brokers I am dealing with are concentrating on the US and European market and it's always good to send the money home if I can.