View Full Version : Money Changers..the best and the worst?

handgun fellashio
20th Jul 2005, 11:32
Australian banks and "Cambios"have to be the greatest thieves on this planet.The rates are appalling and then there the commissions.
So who are the best and fairest and where are they?

20th Jul 2005, 21:33
Use your credit card. The exchange rates seem pretty good on them.

labia vortex
21st Jul 2005, 01:53
SIN:far east plaza,lucky plaza
AKL:moneyworld,455 queen street...are the best
HKG around central,requires a bit of checking.
www.paypal.com.au is also worth a look
Any Bank..Oz or Nz and airport Forex Booths absolutely the worst

21st Jul 2005, 03:33
SIN: I've always found the bloke in the chemist within the Hotel plaza equal to or better than any of the mob in Far East or Lucky plaza. Convenient as well! :}

22nd Jul 2005, 13:40
In HKG there is a money changer on the ground floor of the
"Hankow centre" 5 - 15 Hankow road TST. Just behind the Peninsula hotel, they give pretty good rates. Show your airline ID and it will help a little more!! ( but only a little )

If you have an HSBC acc, HSBC seem quite good too.


Jenna Talia
23rd Jul 2005, 09:35
Whats a Cambio?

labia vortex - Are you and I related? :}

23rd Jul 2005, 23:05
If you're a regular changer then get a Hostelling International membership (YHA in australia - $60 or something per year) and then use Travelex. Wave the card and hooray - no commission. Sometimes you need to demonstrate to the Travelex people which buttons they need to push on their computers but they always come around.

Sending money between accounts (Oz, NZ & UK) works well with a company called tranzfers - it was 7GBP last time I used the service. If you pm me your email, I'll get you a reference (personal plug here - if I sign you up I get a free transfer).