View Full Version : Eurowings A319 Charter Division To Be Split Off

12th Dec 2001, 20:17
Just read in Flight International that Eurowings A319 charter operation (I believe Eurowings uses 5 A319s) is to be split off from Eurowings - and I think it will be absorbed by Thomas Cook.

Can anyone confirm this?

Any Eurowings A319 pilots out there? Would you want to go on to Thomas Cook or would you want to stay with Eurowings and fly CRJs?

Any comments from people involved or those who know people involved?


13th Dec 2001, 02:05
The A319s are already operated by a different company, EUROWINGS Flug GmbH, as opposed to EUROWINGS Luftverkehrs GmbH, which operate the rest (ATR, CRJ and BAe).
I don't work there, but I suspect that there is no seniority based upgrading system.

There have been rumours about Condor Berlin and Eurowings A319 merging, by the way...