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17th Jul 2005, 02:28
Anyone else see the article in yesterday's Age re. International Ops for JetStar, and by that I mean a little more than trans- tasman. The article is speculative in nature and contains a few errors but the thrust of it relates to JetStar or a similar entity, commencing ops to the ports that QF Mainline have ditched in the last few years ie. Rome, Athens, Paris, Frankfurt, CNS-LAX etc. and a few new ones such as Kona in Hawaii.

I've got it as a .pdf but can't post it here - probably copyright anyway.

Thoughts anyone?

17th Jul 2005, 17:32

Lots of thoughts .... if you look back at pprune ...

AO was in the running for the 743

JQ was in the running for the A330

QF is basing more human and technical resouces overseas

QF has experience with a heavy (747 cargo) operation in BKK

AO will not be around come the end of the year

When did QF ditch FRA ....was there a few days ago...


Ty Webb
18th Jul 2005, 02:20
The only thing heavy at Jet* is TJ`s fat [email protected]#e

18th Jul 2005, 11:17
I personally can see AO and JQ merging. I can also see QF handing off the 330s to the new AO/JQ for ops to some of the aforementioned ports.

The 330s seem to make sense. QF have so many problems operating them, yet no other carriers seem to have issues... maybe it's an operator thing?:E

If QF go with the 777/787, which most people are tipping to be the case... I would most certainly think the 330s would have a chance at AO/JQ. I spose a 'buyback' deal may be worked over with Boeing, we'll just have to see.

Regardless of what happens at AO, QF are going to want to continue low cost international flying... AO/JQ 330s seems a logical place to start to me.:ok:

Howard Hughes
18th Jul 2005, 11:35
Just wondering does the story mention a company press release?

Or is it all based on rumour and speculation?

Cheers, HH.


Don Esson
18th Jul 2005, 11:46
OhForSure has to be right on the money. Qantas now has two lower cost airlines with one being squillions cheaper to run than the other. With international low cost flying set to expand - this does not require confirmation from GD or anyone else, just read the tea leaves - it's obvious who is going to win. It won't be AO as they are quite expensive compared with JQ. For example, AO pilots cost just as much as their colleagues at Mainline, and this is one of the main reasons AO isn't the financial success everyone expcted it to be.

Because of pilot costs and the way their pilots are extricably linked with Qantas pilots, there won't be a merger between AO and JetStar. AO will be shut down or run down leaving the door completely open for the cheaper JetStar to move in.

18th Jul 2005, 12:43
Don : Yeah mate, thats what I was getting at. Not a merger strictly speaking... I probably shouldn't have worded it that way.

'Australian' has a far further reaching appeal abroad than 'Jetstar' does though... guess we'll have to wait and see.

19th Jul 2005, 00:40
You guys make me laugh. "Pilot Costs" will be the ultimate determining factor over AO being shut down?? Give me a break....

Don Esson
19th Jul 2005, 00:58
Laugh all you like Cutie. Compare JetStar T&Cs with those of Qantas mainline domestic, and you'll see that JQ blokes are cheaper by a country mile, A similar outcome will follow if JetStar blokes are given the chance to fly internationally as they will similarly undercut AIPA.

Australian pilots cost just about as much as Qantas Longhaul pilots as NONE of them took a pay cut to transfer from Qantas to Australian. It's not being said that pilots costs will be the cause of Australian's demise, just a contributing factor. They do not deliver to Australian the savings delivered by their own cabin crew.

Time to get real mate.

19th Jul 2005, 01:40
What was the contract the QF guys signed when they went over to AO??? 3 years? 5? I've been told before but have forgotten.

Kaptin M
19th Jul 2005, 02:03
I don't see pilots' salaries being an issue with companies with which QANTAS compete, such as JAL and ANA, who pay their pilots around USD20,000 per month, and work them for 45-55 hours.
Oz pilots love F#@*ing each other.

Transition Layer
19th Jul 2005, 02:17
With all this talk of Jetstar potentially operating Internationally, primarily because of their lower terms and conditions than mainline/AO pilots, why don't any JQ pilots ever step forward and deny the claims or put their argument forward?

Capn Bloggs
19th Jul 2005, 02:31
Hey Kapt, what's happened to your avatar? Been sensored?

19th Jul 2005, 03:24

19th Jul 2005, 04:48
Thats a classic!!:D :ok:

19th Jul 2005, 10:47

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