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Whoop Whoop - Oops
17th Jul 2005, 00:33
Is it true that CASA have been ramp checking aircraft in Perth to ensure that EGPWS installations are operational after a local Braz operator was discovered to be operating aircraft with the EGPWS units 'installed' in the aircraft but not actually hooked up and working??? :oh:

17th Jul 2005, 01:05
I would expect some 'checks' by CASA for compliance with the 20.18 requirement as a matter of course. The Albino was on the ramp at Towsville last week asking Q's.

Out of interest what has everybody been fitting (make/model) as the preferred (cheapest?) equipment for the typical lightie TAWS B+ requirement?:hmm:

18th Jul 2005, 03:13
It wouldn't have mattered really, though, because the flight crew would have grounded the aircraft after the EGPWS system test failed the pre-flight check.

After all, doesn't CAO 20.18 say....

9.1 Subject to paragraphs 9.1A and 9.1C, a turbine engined aeroplane that:
(a) has a maximum take-off weight of more than 15,000 kg or is carrying 10 or
more passengers; and
(b) is engaged in regular public transport, or charter, operations;
must not be operated under the Instrument Flight Rules unless it is fitted with a ground proximity warning system that meets the requirements of section

9.4 An aeroplane required to be fitted with a ground proximity warning system
shall not depart with that equipment unserviceable from an aerodrome where
facilities are available to repair or replace the ground proximity warning system.....

That IS what a professional crew would do, isn't it?:hmm:

18th Jul 2005, 06:42
What does the MEL say?