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Three Bars
16th Jul 2005, 03:54
Have just received my invoice for publication ammendment services for the next 12 months.

AIPs increased from $51.95 to $76.25 (about 50%)
CAOs increased from $31.25 to $64.95 (over 100%)
CARs increased from $44.25 to $169.95 (NEARLY 400%)!!!

Obviously Airservices has decided that it no longer wants to support us old dinosaurs who still prefer having a paper document in front of us, to trawling thorugh countless pages on the Internet.

Also all Internet links to Airservices do not seem to be working today.

Anybody know what's occurring? :mad: :mad: :mad:

16th Jul 2005, 03:59
I can access the Air Services website without any problems.

These days the only hard copy documents I order are those needed in the cockpit. Everything else is much more convenient (and guaranteed to be up to date) online. There are enough page checks with DAP let alone anything else.

16th Jul 2005, 05:06
unfortunately you cant take the internet versions with you into an exam.

So at least CASA can still get the extra money off all the students with exams to sit. Like we need any more ways to throw away our money!!

17th Jul 2005, 01:25
Like we need any more ways to throw away our money!!

Now that ALL flight crew licencing is to be centralised in Canberra remember to throw in postage/handling, numerous phone expenses to check where the hell your qualification is at and medical expenses for complications resultant of hitting your head up against a brick wall:mad: