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14th Jul 2005, 03:08
Five survive WA plane crash

Five people have survived a plane crash in Western Australia's Kimberley.

The five people were aboard the plane when it crashed near Kilto station, about 70 kilometres from Broome.

The pilot has suffered minor injuries, believed to be cuts and bruises, while the four passengers have escaped injury.

They are waiting at Kilto station for paramedics to arrive.

It is understood the aircraft was due in Broome around 9am (AWT), and the wreckage was spotted from the air.

Good to see people walking away from an accident for a change

14th Jul 2005, 04:26
The SMH is reporting he suffered an engine failure. Obviously he then carried out a forced landing.

Well done to the driver for a successful result: they all walked away from it.

14th Jul 2005, 05:01
Glad to hear all escaped ok.

Just wondering, does anyone know if this was a private or commercial a/c? (Not fishing, it's just that I know some guys who fly up that way, wondering if it's any of them...)

Job well done to PIC... :ok:

14th Jul 2005, 05:23
Five survive aircraft crash in remote WA
July 14, 2005 - 12:44PM

A plane carrying five people has crashed in Western Australia's far north, but all have survived.

A WA police spokesman said the pilot reported a total engine failure, in a call that was picked up by Brisbane air traffic control personnel at around 9.30am (WST).

The aircraft, a Cessna 210, crashed about 150km north-east of Broome near Kilto Station in the Kimberleys, Police Commissioner Karl O'Callaghan said.

Dr O'Callaghan said all five people on board the plane had been found alive by staff at the Kilto station, after what he described as a "forced landing".

"All people are well and accounted for, so that is a good outcome," Dr O'Callaghan said.

The pilot suffered had an ankle injury and some minor abrasions in the crash, and all those on board had now been collected by staff at the Kilto station, the police spokesman said.

A Kilto station worker said he had helped transport the five people from the plane to the station building, where they were still receiving medical treatment.

Advertisement"I have seen the plane and it is a write-off, but everyone is fine. The pilot does have some slight injuries, but everyone else is OK and ready to go home. The police and medics are still here," he said.

Staff used four-wheel drive vehicles to move the people away from the crash site, which is still being examined.

2005 AAP

In the finding of that I also found the word "kilto" means "a thousandfold" so there you go. :}