View Full Version : Leaked aviation memo

Jelli Been
11th Jul 2005, 22:54
Got this in my inbox this morning. Please note that Marketing Services has developed a new Corporate Sales Kit, developed to support the corporation's new business development activities. The kit provides printed collateral to assist our marketing and sales activities and replaces all previous brochures and materials. It is critical for the consistency of our brand that only approved corporate collateral is used in all communication and sales activities.

The kit is part of the Directorate of Marketing and Sales corporate brand marketing program which includes international advertising and trade event exhibition activities.

All staff should note the importance of compliance with corporate style on all communication activities and that all requirements for brochures and other marketing materials must be developed by or with the approval of the Directorate of Marketing and Sales.
:hmm: can you believe this is from your Air Traffic Control provider?

Uncommon Sense
12th Jul 2005, 00:16
They must be worried about their competition.