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10th Jul 2005, 06:08
Well well, KM is guilty of "shrewish and invective" osts by his own admission, (his post from an earlier aussie labour thread follows)but not personally defamatory posts. What a load of cods that would be.
I and many others are witness to his vile putdowns and personally defamagtory posts over a number of years. In cases where he thinks he might be "taken on" over his comments he s had one of his cohorts Tool Time 2, Betelgeuse, etc (mental giants like KM, but unknown because they aren't stupid enough t to publish their own pics on these forums)make the posts for him.

KM you are an impostor on many fronts not the least of which is your purported knopwledge of world aviation.

I noticed on another thread recently that you said that a few fformer Ansett guys currently with SNA in Japan would not get a run with another Japanese company because of the "gentlemen's agreement". I spoke with one recently on a Singapore transit and they have signed contracts and have a start date, so you F$#%&# that up as well. They will be working with a couple of former colleagues of yours.
What a shame you were refused a gallop as they would have had the chance to confront you, and no doubt that's why yhou attempted to make the peace until you wererejected. I beleive the guy who posted that info had it right, just as he who exposed your rejection by Ansett back in 89 had it right.

Wh at a dil l (that's a nice word for F&^%$#% idiot)you are and you continue to make a greater dill of yourself whenever you open your mouth.

Kaptain M s post from an earlier thread of Cheap Aussie labour follows:

My posts might well be construed as "shrewish & invective", but they are not personally defamatory, nor continued harassment of one individual.
As I stated in that thread, I`m happy to play within the rules - and have been chided, or had posts pulled, when in the moderators` opinion(s) I stepped outside those boundaries.
Flying Ninja went several steps over the limit by carrying out a personal attack on me, including identifying me by initials, and other information.
Copies of all 6 pages are in safe keeping, and are currently being reviewed.
Yes, legal action is probable.

Alien Sex God
10th Jul 2005, 06:47
Do us all a favour realx and keep all of us punters informed. This sounds gooooooodddddddd...................

Kaptin M
10th Jul 2005, 08:40
Yes you`re correct r737, and I was wrong.
I`ve been told by another (non-scab) starter with Sky Mark, that they have said they will not abide by the "gentlemens` agreement" in place with all other Japanese aviation employers, until now.

The rest of your post is a Big yawn, and uniformed twaddle :rolleyes:

Just for info, we have also had several notable increases in our conditions here - lifestyle AND $$`s - something we were told would NEVER happen.
In spite of what you might think, I am only human :cool:

10th Jul 2005, 09:28
Well having got that off your chests it's clear that the thread has nowhere else constructive to go.

relax737 I suggest you read the rules in regard to personal attacks and think about the aphorism that two wrongs do not make a right, lest I lock this thread and get the banning stick out.

Now if you want to discuss what the "gentlemans agreements" are all about and in what context, please feel free, that's what this place is all about and I for one am all ears.

The last threads were locked because the participants were unable to behave responsibly toward each other, this one launches with an attack.:confused: :rolleyes:

It is clear that there is much of interest for Australian pilots in Asian aviation, it would be a great pity if we were to be denied a window into it for our respective benefits, the opportunities that may present themselves and the "pitfalls" or "watch outs" we may be able to share with each other.

If indeed we have a cheap aussie labour issue, then lets talk about that as a concept.

Why is it nesessary to turn it into a personality conflict.

The airlines win yet again, playing both ends against the middle, I guess.:uhoh:

Play nice huh.

10th Jul 2005, 09:39
Humility from kaptin M????? Admitted he was wrong? It must be an aberration; maybe not correct spelling.

I NEVER thought you were anything but human, in fact generally somewhat less than human. You wwould do well to check on points you wish to comment on before doing so. I knew what I posted on becaue I went for an interview butr refused to accept that I should be paid less than a local.
Woomera yo u are quite right. Perhaps it wasn't pl;aying completely clean, but it s no more than KM has don e on numerous occasions, or had his henchmen do the dirty work for him and attracted not a whimper from you.

Back to the cheap Aussie Labour though. I can't understand you guy selling your souls. You are paid a lot less than the Japanese pilots for the same job, and I m told by any number of guys there that you tolerate atrocious maintenance standards and that the locals couldn';t fly a kite in a 40 knot northerly.
My pride would not allow me to do it whatever the price. I'd rather work for nptghing and retain my pride and sense of decency.

I suggest you do what you were advocating prior to the start of jet* and that was boycott Jet* and they would up the price. What's good for the goose is not good for the gander it appears or is it just hypocrisy. Perhaps so. The Japanese aviation market is desperate for pilots and you are selling yhourselves short and you are better than the locals. You do this whilst criticising Australiaan pilots for not holding out for more. Bizarre would be a good word for such conduct.

The gentlemen's agreem nt is an archaic concept that shouldn t have survived to this day and I notice you blame the $cab pilots for changin g it. Why does that not surprise me.

The gentlemen's agreement for those not in the know is an undertaking apparently between Japanese airline managements not to poach eachother's pilots. I was told when I went for a Skymark interview that it would not apply because it's outlived its usefulness (if it ever had usefulness) a bit like the ridiculous incessant bowing.

Woomera I don't know where you fit in aviation, but I can assure you the airlines have already won. They pay less than they should, partlybecause of recruiting companies, partly because of the stupididty of the pilkots themselves so I'm not sure what you re getting at when you say the airlines will win if the pilots themselves are in conflict.
The fact that they've won doesn't please me but with (in Australian aviation) Australian Airlines and jetstar, and of course Virgin (whose chief p[ilot started it all by screwing the pilots and that fter being 'solid'during the 89 debacle) the horse has already bolted.

Australian aviation will never be the same; the best days are gone and that's not an y different from many other professions/ occupations. It's a whole new era, unfortunately.

Incidentally Kaptin thanks for reporting my last post so that it attracted the attention of Woomera; onde of the few things you are good at and particularly when you are put under some heat. Does that make you a dobber? maybe so.

It would still be interesting if you revealed why you deleted the orginal thread in its entirety. I know, but the rest of the world s ppruners might enjoy hearing.

Chief Chook
11th Jul 2005, 00:49
Wouldn't scrubed have a field day with the spelling and punctuation here.
Why do I get a feeling that relax737 is the alter ego of scrubed's persona? :suspect: