View Full Version : JCPA submissions on aviation security

10th Jul 2005, 03:42
This has not been very well publicised.


On 25 May 2005 the Committee resolved to review the developments in aviation security in Australia since Report 400 which was tabled in Parliament in June 2004.

The Committee invites interested persons and organisations to make submissions addressing the terms of reference. The Committee would prefer to receive submissions by Friday 1 July 2005, but will continue to accept submissions throughout the entire course of the inquiry. In order to facilitate electronic publishing of submissions, the committee would prefer them to be emailed to [email protected] or sent on disk to the secretariat, if possible.

To date there has only been a handfull of submissions. If we are to get a better result re- duplication of security checks for both licence and ASIC, this could be our last chance. We need to draw the commitee's attention to the same requirement by both DOTARS and CASA. These two bureaucracies need their collective heads butted together to force them to honour one security check to satisfy both requirements. That and rationalize the list on what constitutes a secure area at a regional field that recieves only a handfull of RPT flights a week.