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9th Jul 2005, 08:06
Has anyone ever gone over to oz with a residency visa and then actually gotten a job there?

9th Jul 2005, 09:42
They sure do. I had a yarpie mowing my lawn last month, pretty sure he would have had a visa. He actually did a pretty good job too.


F/O Bloggs
9th Jul 2005, 14:45
Yep, sounds like half the Yarpie population in Perth to me.

Transition Layer
10th Jul 2005, 00:04
And we smacked them in the rugby last night too!!!


10th Jul 2005, 00:56
Yarpies seem to have an inbuilt resistance to living in tedium
Hence the numbers of them in Perth.
Did anyone go to Roses garage sale at Pricks duh More? I hear she was charging an entry fee.:p

10th Jul 2005, 07:09
Oh and how we smacked them! :ok: Matty Rodgers finish was just delightful....whoooooaaaaa!

Nice finish, made my week.

10th Jul 2005, 09:41
Supatiger.. Try NZ mate for the obvious reasons....enough said.
Good luck.

11th Jul 2005, 18:11
Clearly lots of happy pilots down under. Afraid yeah we lost the rugby, but as usual we will be back.

12th Jul 2005, 01:11
Supertiger. Our first immigrants in 1788 gained instant employment on arrival - although the pay and conditions were a tad tardy! :}

Australian unemployment is now 5%, the lowest in 28 years, and in the State of Queensland, now 4.7%. General employment prospects have never been better.

However if you are referring to Australian pilot employment, that is another matter! :yuk:


12th Jul 2005, 06:24
propaganda, is NZ better for building hours?

12th Jul 2005, 07:46
Would love to move down under. I have 6000 hours with 1000 hours md80 command. Any chance of airline work?