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Kaptin M
7th Jul 2005, 23:06
I've just spent a really enjoyable couple of weeks with my 3 sons, in Hanmer Springs (a small alpine, thermal springs resort village, about 130kms north of Christchurch). Mountain climbing, ski-ing, sightseeing, and generally doing father-son stuff.

At the end of the holidays, it was necessary for my youngest son and me to spend a half day and a night in AKL, as there are NO flights that operate on the same day, from Christchurch through to Asia (except SQ).
You're going to love THIS one, sunfish!
EVERY passenger who departs on an Air New Zealand (which codeshares with JAL) flight that departs the South Island for Japan - Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya - must spend at least one night on the North Island, presumably AKL, as the flights departing AKL for Asia, do so, about 1 hour prior to the arrival of the flights from CHC, also Asia bound!
As such pax on the CHC-AKL sector are given an orange "DOMESTIC TRAVEL ONLY" sticker on their boarding passes, and check-in baggage tags.

Which leads me to the core issue of this topic.
These "DOMESTIC TRAVEL ONLY" pax now board the aircraft to mix with passengers (and their carry on baggage) who have not yet cleared N.Z. CIQ.
Upon arrival in Auckland, the DOMESTIC TRAVEL ONLY pax breeze past CIQ, with their hand carry and check-in baggage, by simply flashing the boarding pass with the orange sticker.

The possibilities are endless, because arriving at the same time, are also flights from Malaysia (MAS), and Singapore (SQ).
How hard would it be for a DOMESTIC TRAVEL ONLY pax and an international arrival "business acquaintance" to swap bags?

Additionally, international departures and arrivals at Auckland airport, appear to share the SAME areas.

You can only guess at the volume of "trading" that is organised on a daily level, with those sort of procedures in place.

It's time N.Z. Customs, Immigration, and Quarantine tightened the net - there's a hole in it right now, big enough for a pack of sharks to swim through!

Weep Schapelle, weep!

8th Jul 2005, 23:56
Kap M.

Very true assessment of this procedure.
In extending their terminal in Auckland our Tasman brothers have only just realised the advantage of having a 2 storey terminal where arrivals come in on one level and departures on the other.

Currently it's an absolute shambles but hopefuly will improve over time.

As for the NZ CIQ guys, they're very sharp and switched on.
Their vigilance is pretty damned good and for good reason, but without knocking the guys/girls working for NZCIQ I agree they've been let down by this procedure.

It's why when boarding a flight to Oz from AKL that you have to be screened twice by security.

Cheers T

9th Jul 2005, 02:25
should have bought shares AAL a while back. Those guys are never in a hurry to spend, hence the lack of development everyone is enjoying now. The reason for the spend up now must be some timeline requirement for segregated passengers. anyone?

schapelle who???

9th Jul 2005, 05:01
Nike - too true, gotta wonder when they are well behind the times on the development front, AIAL staff striking over pay all the while AIAL announcing a specical dividend next month worth $200m :confused: