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7th Jul 2005, 07:52
Pilot, Porsche driver unhurt after plane lands on speeding car
5:05 PM July 7

A German pilot and driver escaped unhurt when a one-seater plane landed on top of a speeding car at a little-used airport, police in the western town of Bitburg said.

"It was a miracle that no one was hurt - there was considerable damage done to the plane and the car," Bitburg police spokesman Klaus Schnarrbach said.

The driver was racing at 160 kilometres per hour with 11 other members of a local Porsche club at the airport, a former US air base, when the single-engine plane accidentally landed on his roof.

The shocked driver slammed on the brakes, sending the plane crashing to the ground.

"The airplane managed to stay steady on the roof at first," Mr Schnarrbach said, adding the pilot faced possible charges of negligence.

"They probably couldn't have done it that well if they had tried," he said.

- Reuters

Capn Bloggs
7th Jul 2005, 08:31
Typical. BMW drivers...second only to Volvo drivers. Why didn't he just :mad: -well take his foot off the accelerator and coast to a stop? :mad: :mad:

7th Jul 2005, 11:33
Because he was probably a flight attendant.:uhoh:

The Baron
7th Jul 2005, 20:59
I don't understand why they needed to be using the runway anyway. If you only did 160kph on the autobahn you'd get passed by everything except trucks.