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sys 4
6th Jul 2005, 23:01
this is the dribble that Trustee 1 from the ALAEA website produced,he must be the illegitimate child of James and Geoff as he certainly thinks the LAME's at Qantas aren't worth the dough they are payed.

This is the man we pay to represent us.Value for money ah.

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PostPosted: Tue May 17, 2005 6:39 am Post subject: Reply with quote
Clearly then you have no desire to remain "informed" but choose rather to wollow in an environment of self pity and speculation.

Perhaps the only thing that will convince you is the disappearance of heavy maintenance from the airline scene and maybe then YOU can have the piric pleasure of sitting back and saying I told you so while the employees do battle with the reintroduced Transmission of Business clause that took so much work to have removed.

We don't have that luxury its about trying to protect jobs (especially those in marginal areas of the operation) above all else and O/T banking and no transmission of business does that for the time being at least.

No one has a crystal ball to forsee the future but surely a future without a Tansmission of Business clause is better than one that has it included.

Certainly Heavy Maintenance is balanced on a knife edge and which way it falls will only been seen in time but what is certain is that if it is to survive at all it must be able to sell its product intenationally and with its current cost base it cannot do that. If it can't then it and its workers may need the safety of the absence of a transmission of busines provision.

Many LAME's have more than 15 years service so you do the maths and figure out how much money they are gambling with.

Let us hope they never get to find out the hard way.

O/T banking doesn't work in Line because of the crew structuring and the smaller amounts of manpower available on any particular day but in heavy all the people are there all the time irrespective of if an aircraft is in the docking.

Even so it's VOLUNTARY (i.e. no complusion to join)

Much of the difficulty surrounding the airline and its employees is that for the most part they are long serving individuals who have only worked for one employer maybe two (probably both airlines) in their working life. This has led to a workforce that is well insulated from the real world and what it takes in society to earning what most LAME's earn.

Yes were "earn" it but can we achieve it outside.

Maybe you should give it a try sometime and check the job ads.

I don't see too many jumping ship to better paid private sector or non airline jobs do you?

So wallow if you will in your desires and your infalted opinions of what you believe you are "worth" the pilots thought that they were irreplaceable too and they had a labor government in power.

How many of them are back in the industry locally?

Perhaps what we need is a face to face education in the ramifications of the Workplace Relations Act to bring some reality back into the workplace I only hope that everyone is still here to see the new world order.

We shall see.
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Turbo 5B
7th Jul 2005, 00:02
You have one thing incorrect there SYS 4.
Trustee 1 (as he was known then, or assistant federal secretary as he is known now ) is not paid by the members.
His wages are paid for by Qantas, just as the majority of the ALAEA federal executive wages are.
There will always be the opportunity and suggestion that corruption exists when wages and indeed positions and promotions, oversea's junkets etc are handed out by the company rather than by the members.

sys 4
8th Jul 2005, 06:24
just in case anyone missed the post

Crystal Marina
11th Jul 2005, 08:59
Hey Sys 4,

Is your name Steve?:ouch:

sys 4
11th Jul 2005, 10:33
guess again

12th Jul 2005, 01:20
If it's me you're wishing to reply to why not send me a letter?

Turbo 5B
12th Jul 2005, 09:29
Hey sys 4, is your name Bruce?

sys 4
12th Jul 2005, 20:06
your getting closer

Turbo 5B
13th Jul 2005, 08:32
Is it Geoff or James?

sys 4
13th Jul 2005, 20:27
i refuse to answer that,but rumor has it i'm Steve F of which i am the now vice president of the ALA$A and i did write the above article.

There i knew i could put my name to it eventually,i fell so much better now.Sorry did i just have a brain explosion.F*CK.Am i still here,i thought i was on another forum.

Turbo 5B
15th Jul 2005, 03:01
So are you the acting fed sec of the alaea,or are you making that up wayne?