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Ali Bin Somewhere
6th Jul 2005, 19:44
Hey there guys and girls.

Stuck over in the sand pit :cool: for a while so am out of the loop a bit on matters from home. :ugh:

What is going on with the battle over the new EBA?:confused:

It's due in september isn't it so with only a couple of months to go it should all be sorted by now. Or is it like last time with no-one talking to anyone and everything going nowhere.:mad: :mad: :mad:

Thanks :ok:

6th Jul 2005, 20:13
Acting CEO announced recently a "pause" in deliberations for a few weeks to let his replacement take over.

Acting CEO recently announced stellar performance of Airservices "Limited".

Negotiatiors have made a lot of progress but the bottom line offer is, apparently, way below par (sound familiar?) - work more hours for no real increase in salary. Difference this time seems to be a lot of residual anger amongst the troops.

There's a third party site echoing some of the sentiments www.shaftedatc.tk

Uncommon Sense
6th Jul 2005, 20:53
Transparent policy seems to be to delay negotiations to allow essential services legislation to be introduced, thus making ANY right to industrial action illegal.

On offer so far: more hours for less pay. (This is the carrot! A big thank you for the productivity increase!)

And if you don't like it too bad - you can't strike, if you do we will put you in jail. Same goes for essential services like Police, Hospitals, Fuel Drivers, School Teachers, Librarians, Tuck Shop Staff ..... etc.

Are we all feeling relaxed and comfortable yet?

Fortress Australia - maybe this was about keeping people IN Stalag Howard - not OUT!?

Skase Jnr
7th Jul 2005, 01:00
A common thread is appearing here.

Abu Dhabi expats looking for jobs downunda.

Downundas looking for jobs in Abu Dhabi.

Both think conditions are crap.

Both know numbers are down.

Both know no one is listening.

Tick tock. Tick tock.

Should this and the other thread not be in ATC issues?

Too good to be true.

Ali Bin Somewhere
7th Jul 2005, 07:24
Jnr great to see you again and as always you make an excellent point. :ok:

I just have to ask myself if 2hrs operational, 1/2 hr planner, 1/2hr break then start again shouldn't earn me better digs then Najda St. Going home and living in nice house with clean streets, safe roads, no rats/roaches, prompt service, peace and quiet, modern equipment etc etc sounds tempting at times.

But then again its not like we are a busy FIR or anything so what am I complaining about. And hey, whats a few roaches and mouldy curtains between friends. Filthy streets full of people spitting and urine in the lifts build character. Its these things that make working for &^$#@ not just "good but great".:ok:

duknweeve & uncommon sense

As for the essential services rules there are ways and means around them.

Work to rule. Follow every stupid timewasteing rule that management have ever come up with.

Go slow. Instead of working your arse off getting a sequence in by vectors put everyone in the hold. Its worked in other countries a treat.:zzz:

No O/T ED's. From what I hear it's short staffed on most sectors so enmass refuse extra duties.

Hit them where it hurts. If the customer complains then something will be done. :E All the time they are happy and Joe Public gets where they are going with minimal delays no one will give a rats about the poor little ATCO's.

Or just get in quick now and let the public know whats going on. I have been scanning the online papers for info on the EBA and nothing in them. Civilair PR doing a top job again.:*

But the problem with all these things and negoiations in general is that EVERYONE has to stick together. Unity is what makes you strong and despite all the retoric it has been sadly lacking from the last 2 EBA sagas. And before you say we were united lets give the example of FPC pay for FPC work. That was a non-negotiable point that got negotiated away, is still not resolved and looks to be in the EBA's forever.

OK have had my rant now but one last thought. The more they split you up with things like, FPC pay for you and not for you, ERB for you and not for you, career progression for your group as you are flush with staff but not for you as we can't spare you, the less power you hold as a union. AsA has done an excellent job of splitting the workers over basic issues. I just hope that its not too late to unite and stand up as one big group instead of many little ones.:ugh:

7th Jul 2005, 07:33
Too many Aussie ATCs are selfish and this is why we are in the situation we are in. Management know all they have to do is wave more dollars per fortnight in many faces and they will sign up even though in real terms the whole package is a backward step.

7th Jul 2005, 08:39
Work to rule will bring the place to a standstill, there are that many projects running at the moment that management can't keep track of it all.

If they want to play hardball, bring it on I say!

Let's see how long they last when they're promising the world to our customers but can't deliver.

Share the wealth doods, share the wealth.

Uncommon Sense
8th Jul 2005, 04:17
The key is unity.

And organising when it is deemed 'illegal'.

Remember, our current government have only one task - demonising and destroying workplace association.

Somehow they think that alone will destroy the ALP. A strange ideology - but then look who is at the front of it!

They will get dirty and nasty to try do it. And they have waved greed in front of many to help it along.

What a putrid bunch they are.

And now they are going to use our taxes to 'advertise' their campaign? Totally corrupt.

Reminds me of the Stalinist policies they supposedly deride?

Australia is being subjected to a massive fraud.