View Full Version : Went to court today

27th Apr 2001, 02:54
I went to court today involving a case dealing with divorce. I witnessed a tarvisty of justice. I sat there wondering whether our profession should be judged by anything other than professional jury's. Alhough i was in a district court, the judge had already made his mind up before the hearing and therefore was not interested in listening to legal argument.

If a judge behaves like this, what about 12 good men and true from isleworth who are bored to tears about JAR-OPS and transgressing aviation law. We are getting inundated with technology in our profession that to an extent is confusing to the guy who has had thousands of pounds of training thrown at him. Is it really right that we should then be judged by anyone other than a professional jury in the likely event that we are involved in an incident? I hope i never have to find out.

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