View Full Version : moving to NZ for turbines time from AUS

4th Jul 2005, 02:53

I fly in Australia and have being offered a turbine RPT job which is great , but will cost me money for the endorsement.

I have also just being called for an interview with Eagle Airways in NZ, which doesn't cost me money for the endorsement (i think), but involves moving to NZ, which I don't mind at the moment, keen for a change.

I don't know the first thing about the NZ aviation scene, but can anyone give me the heads up on what eagle is like to work without the usual whinging that comes along, just a straight up answer as to what the company is like at the moment .

Thanks Yigy2

4th Jul 2005, 06:27
Hi yigy2

The easiest way to find out about Eagle is to do a search on them.

Sure, there will be a whole lot of 'whinging' but there are also a whole lot of Eagle drivers there.

Read between the lines and you'll be able to get an answer better than you will from any individual.

Good luck with the interview

S2K4 eva