View Full Version : Eagle Pilot Loses Job?

The Cassidy Kid
3rd Jul 2005, 01:06
Word round the campfire is that an Eagle FO recently got the big "Don't Come Monday" for missing one too many checks.

Anyone care to shed some light on the subject?


3rd Jul 2005, 05:39
Sorry to sound like an old woman but this kind of topic shouldn't be allowed on such a forum, the person is obviously doing it tough right now and the last thing they need is for people to gossip about it. We all bust rides and remember we are all one flight away from a D.C.M !!
Sorry to grizzle crossed too many time zones lately.

Six Lima
4th Jul 2005, 01:24
Couldn't agree more. No disrespect Cassidy, but not really the place to discuss an individual's problems of that nature.