View Full Version : STRANDED! NJS NEW B717 Broken Down

1st Jul 2005, 05:54
Just been informed that the new B717 on its first day of operation has broken down somewhere, with the CEO on board. Not good............

1st Jul 2005, 06:36
You can always bet your bottom dollar, if anything will go wrong, it will generally be when you have CASA reps and management on board a proving flight !!!!

Capn Bloggs
1st Jul 2005, 08:03
Ha! JQ has the last laugh! :{
They're not called JokeStar for nothing...

1st Jul 2005, 12:07
what was the rego

Capn Bloggs
1st Jul 2005, 23:27
That piece of @#$% VQE! :yuk:

2nd Jul 2005, 02:02
Come on Bloggs. ...It's not that bad

It had all the Boeing/Jet* reps stumped though!

"haven't seen that before !!!" was a common comment

2nd Jul 2005, 02:36
From your comments, I guess you'll be staying on the Sweinbat then bloggs...........................cause they never break down or cause headaches :confused:

2nd Jul 2005, 03:28
What is it with you and that stinking heap of sh!t you get around in? Are you so scared of change that it leads you to constantly bag both Airbus and Boeing. The 717 is 10 times the machine that gutless bucket of sh!TE is!! Maybe if they let you have a go, you just might get it..........welcome to the 21st centuary sunshine!!

You are a dinosaur:ok:

Capn Bloggs
2nd Jul 2005, 08:10
Geez you guys are easier to catch than blowies! :E

LGR, calm down son. I'm sure I'll make the 717 sing 10 times more in tune than you ever could/will/dream of doing! ;) And if you'd like to propose some other aircraft that will keep NJS Charter in the business to which it has become accustomed, as the only serious player in the contract flyin-flyout business, then go right ahead! :sad:

2nd Jul 2005, 08:38
"haven't seen that before !!!"

so what actually happened?

3rd Jul 2005, 14:11
Geez, getting info out of u NJS types is like pulling teeth:}

So hows it all going after the 3rd day of ops, better than the 1st I trust:ok:

Have the boys gotten over the indignance of being rescued by the gas chamber yet :rolleyes:

3rd Jul 2005, 14:48
Blah blah blah......

As per the QF 744-400 introduction, as per the TN A300 introduction, as per AN 767-200 introduction, as per the........

Need I say more!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is as much a teething problem with this airline as it has been with oh so many before it.......

Giggle, gloat, chuckle, whatever gives you all so much pleasure, but just accept it. This is the start of an introduction of a new aircraft type. It may take 4 weeks, it may take 4 months but eventually the problems will be ironed out and then (perhaps only then) will you accept it into your ranks.

Enjoy the frivolity at your whim......... After that, get a life!!

3rd Jul 2005, 17:11

a sensor in the bleed air system sent a "0" instead of a "1" to a computer that then prevented the second engine from being started - apparently not previously seen :(

unfortunately for the rock throwers, the fault was not attributable to either NJS or Jetstar. :cool:

pity about the timing as far as the inaugural flight was concerned

but it did fly on the day under the NJS AOC

:ok: :ok: :ok: :ok: :ok:

Chimbu chuckles
3rd Jul 2005, 17:18
Hey boocs...while I agree with the general thrust of your post the aircraft has just changed coasts...they're hardly that 'new' anymore!;)

5th Jul 2005, 07:00
As far as regional jets go; I’d rather the little MD-95 over that clapped out British piece of sh1t anyday. :yuk:

Douglas Mcdonnell
5th Jul 2005, 10:02
Captn Bloggs. You seem quite confident of your operational prowess. At the end of the day does it really matter how good you are?. If you get from a to b safely without making a [email protected] of yourself along the way, does anyone really care.
I feel sorry for the CAPTAINS that have to fly with you. Unless you can land the 717 using the three different techniques favoured on the DC 9, in all conditions, at any port, ( without bosting about it ) im sure the fat lady will "sing" before you.

Struggling with the third landing technique, Douglas.

Capn Bloggs
5th Jul 2005, 11:34
I apologise for the light-hearted banter. I was just having a crack at LGR's light-hearted banter (although his words, apart from spruiking BS - when did I "constantly bag Boeing and Airbus?... seemed to be a tad nasty), that's all.

Now, what are these three techniques you speak of? Surely you are not going to include the technique you used in THAT video?! :p

5th Jul 2005, 23:53
Back to the original topic, this must have been very embarassing for QF, considering that over half the pax had to fly back on Skywest's F100 service (a much nicer, comfortable aircraft in any case), and the other half had to wait around for the aircraft to be sent up that the 717 is going to replace.

Lots of red faces!:uhoh: :uhoh:

Capn Bloggs
6th Jul 2005, 03:56

I'll bite! :E

Skywest's F100 service (a much nicer, comfortable aircraft in any case)

By what benchmarks do you make this claim?

6th Jul 2005, 04:49
Dear Capn Bloggs,

The L U V L Y "Dome" Coffee for a start........
I'll drink to that.......:ok:

Apart from that, "A" to "B" on time is good...


Capn Bloggs
6th Jul 2005, 05:36

Yes, I must admit that, when you run one flight a day, it is pretty hard to get OFF schedule...especially when every other aircraft must hold/slow down/get out of the way due to ATC BIAS!!:E :E :E :{

"Bloggs, put your flak jacket on..."

7th Jul 2005, 22:13
Yeh, Skywest know all about being embarassed.....remember early in the Argyle contract :hmm: ( for the slow ones, the 146 doing argyle flight(s) )

Anyhow, get the boots in while you can boys, soon to be twice as many DC9s doing 4 times as many flights than Ftrucks in WA, you can wave as they pass you ( look up ):ok:

PS. dont look in the flight deck, the shade of green you turn may be a bit obvious:p

9th Jul 2005, 06:03
By what benchmarks do you make this claim?

Having flown in both aircraft I find the F100 to be a quieter more comfortable aircraft. No bias, just personal choice Bloggsy, and XR are doing pretty well on their northern jet routes considering all the crtics only predicted they would last a few months going to BME/DRW , KTA/PHE etc.

9th Jul 2005, 09:57
8 July 2005


Skywest airlines today announced a more than 7 per cent increase in forecast passenger numbers for the period ending June 30 2005.

Skywest Chief Executive Officer Johanna Ramsay said Skywest carried a total of 321,365 passengers up to June 30 – a record for the airline.

Ms Ramsay said the record result was more than 21,000 greater than the airline’s forecast of 300,000 passengers for the 12-month period and exceeded the 2003-04 year by 81,263

“This is an outstanding result for Skywest and now exceeds the number of passengers carried prior to the collapse of Ansett by 54,395,” she said.

“Our strong performance further underlines our status as the ailrine of choice for regional Western Australia.”

“The collapse of Ansett was a turbulent time for regional airlines in Western Australia and we are confident that with the continuing boom in the State’s resources sector and economy we can continue to build on this outstanding result.”

Ms Ramsay said that the growth in passenger numbers was across the majority of routes serviced by the airline, including its major coastal ports.

She said Skywest would continue to look at ways of capitalising on the growth in passenger numbers to ensure more frequent and better services.

“It has always been our priority to work closely with regional communities to build passenger numbers and improve services on all our routes and we are now well placed to further look at ways of improving frequency and services,” she said.

“We have already signed a number of important interline agreements this year that will greatly boost international travellers visiting regional WA and we are working on further strategies to assist regional areas lift intrastate travel.”

End of Media Release.

F/O Bloggs
9th Jul 2005, 14:26
Hey Topend3,

That is a wonderful bit of propaganda.

The 717 is a nicer jet than the Fokker.



9th Jul 2005, 19:54
So the 717 broke down, who cares, schitt happens. Murphys law at work. Get over it. Even Bill Gates has had a major stuff up, wasn't it when he was launching Windows 95 or something, the more stable, virtually un-crashable operating system for PC's? Gues what, it crashed on him in front of 500 media dudes during a presentation.

Life goes on

10th Jul 2005, 00:18
I have not travelled on a F100 in Australia, not many would have. I have over seas and my impression is that it was as about as comfortable as riding on the back of a F100, Ford F100 that is. Noisy and horrible. It may be ok up front but the back is shocking.