View Full Version : Ryanair tech interview

29th Jun 2005, 11:54
Hi guy’s

I have a Ryanair interview soon and was wondering if any of you guy’s that have already been on the technical interview with Ryanair could give me some advise on the kind of questions they like to target or the name of a book I might find very useful.

Thanks in advance for any replies….Flightime

29th Jun 2005, 14:11
I also have an interview coming up, any information regarding the technical questions and what SID I can expect?

Any information would be much appreciated.

29th Jun 2005, 15:13
SID out of Liverpool RWY 27 to WAL. Steep turns, climbing / descending turns, homing back to the NDB, engine failure, 1 engine ILS. Technical questions are mostly on the last aircraft you have flown. Know your limitations eg max JPT on start-up, continuous etc. If you were flying light twins, know the engine failure drills. The usual stuff - don't stress too much about it. Good luck! :ok:


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