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26th Jun 2005, 09:26
Pax'd with the Rat tother day. Don't ask, won't tell!

All seemed okay, winged chairs on the old 733, pretty hosties, thought all could actually be okay.

Till the telly's started rolling. Arh, nothing but Oz this and OZ that. "Share the spirit for the kids in OZ", Andrew Denton, A tour of Brisbane, Ozzie inflight mag and it was a main-trunk NZ flight!
The bloody hostie uniforms even had 'Illiwara dreaming walkabout' scarves and name tags.

I'd have thort if ya wanna make the impression ya give a crap about the country you're meant to be a domestic competitor in, you'd try and make an effort.

Surely a bit of kiwi-ish-ness wouldn't be hard.

Which makes me wonder why they never put a big white Kiwi on the tail to replace the -Roo?

Crikey did a 'bent weed on the tail' driver just give the oppo an idea?!:confused:

Alien Sex God
26th Jun 2005, 10:04
They probably did that because they are an Australian airline. Look on the positive side. At least you knoew what a proper country looks like now.

max rate
27th Jun 2005, 03:25
Whats that, just thousands of miles of f.a, yeah packing my bags now:yuk: 1279, Get any "ride reports"? jeez those guys crack me up.

F/O Bloggs
27th Jun 2005, 06:03

What is so funny about getting a ride report? You get some serious CAT over central Oz in winter.

Transition Layer
27th Jun 2005, 06:04
max rate,

NZ too will be thousands of miles of F.A. soon, once the last couple of million people move over here. There can't be too many left there surely!

Enema Bandit's Dad
27th Jun 2005, 06:39
Yeah, what's the similarity between New Zealander's and sperm? Thousands of them come out but only one will work.......

Contract Con
27th Jun 2005, 23:58

A bit of kiwi-ish-ness??

All the bloody F.A's are Hobbits as are half the Pilots. How much more Kiwi-ish-ness do you need?

And yes it is an AUS airline, when Air Sheep start doing some domestic sectors in AUS I am sure they will play all NZ scenery, vineyards, bungy jumping, jetboating and snowboarding videos.

Travel with QF mainline in AUS and you will appreciate the difference, you will have noticed the girls here in InZid actually smiled and provided a service.


Contract Con

28th Jun 2005, 05:07
QF NZ, is and always will be the poor relation to QF Oz, they will never spend any money they don't have to on the Airline, and anyone who is there now expecting them to change this attitude is dreaming...

28th Jun 2005, 22:18
Why do seagulls fly upside down over Australia?

Cause theres nothing worth sh*tting on!

Why do kiwis f**k sheep on the edge of cliffs?

Cause they push back harder!

29th Jun 2005, 05:14
whats the difference between a hard working australian, and bigfoot,

someones actually spotted bigfoot