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23rd Jun 2005, 23:22
Latest rumour from an overseas contact is that there may be a further 6 month delay for A380 deliveries, pushing back original delivery dates now by 12 months. I guess that wiring problem must be harder to fix than anticipated.

24th Jun 2005, 01:52
Does the aircraft still have a weight problem or has the ginger beer with the angle grinder fixed that issue?

24th Jun 2005, 04:14
Sounds like a procedure learnt at the "Boeing Foundry and Iron Works".

Didn't they have a wiring issue with one production line back in the early ninieties when quality control came under severe scrutiny?
I believe the wrong length of wiring was layed and in order to achieve a quick fix, the worker elected to "stretch" the wiring another 6 inches or so to achieve the connection at the nearest wiring juncture?

As you gathered I am a Boeing fan and love flying their aircraft, but no one is perfect by any means!

If a 12 month delay does occur expect to see prospective customers balk, or think very very carefully about purchasing Airbus in the future.

The delay clauses in the contracts alone will cost them a motza.

24th Jun 2005, 06:53
I know it's a bit skew to the topic, but I've just noticed how similar the Dassault Mercure from the early 1970s is to the A320 series.


Perhaps there's space in the museum next to it for the A380 ;)


24th Jun 2005, 06:58
and people ask wht hasnt CX ordered any....once bitten twice shy.. they saw this comming and if its anything like the 340-600 wait till it hits the customer airlines then the modifications and tech diffucuilties will pile it up... I fly a bus and really enjoy it but i wouldnt want to be a first of type customer like EK SQ or QF