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22nd Jun 2005, 08:14
It says so in their latest FF newsletter

New names at Melbourne Airport

From 1 July 2005, the terminals at Melbourne Airport will be renamed.

The Qantas domestic terminal will become Terminal 1 (T1).

The international terminal will become Terminal 2 (T2).

The multi-user southern domestic terminal will become Terminal 3 (T3).

You'll see these new names on the road signs, and on signs in car parks and inside the terminal.:D

Buster Hyman
22nd Jun 2005, 08:18
How kind of QF to name a shared Terminal (INTL)...:rolleyes: talk about arrogance! It will always be "Delta" to me!:ok:

22nd Jun 2005, 08:52
Does it really matter in the colourful pagent of human existance?

22nd Jun 2005, 10:29
Buster, what makes you think Qantas renamed the terminals?

Pimp Daddy
22nd Jun 2005, 10:33
How kind of QF to name a shared Terminal (INTL)... talk about arrogance!

Not really, seeing it was the Melbourne Airport Company that renamed them.

They probably spent millions on consultants and focus groups to come up with these cutting edge and innovative new names.

22nd Jun 2005, 21:49
I think they spent their money getting ready for the A380.

They also realised that Qantas domestic drivers can't count past one.

Buster Hyman
22nd Jun 2005, 22:02
Having stood on an Aerobridge & listened to a QF duty Manager tell the ACO where to park "our" aircraft so that "his" aircraft could park at the Gate (D3) we were set up on, it has all the hallmarks of QF telling MAC what to do.

If the Airport authority instigated this, then I am amazed. Why, in an age of political correctness, would you give what is arguably a lucrative name (Terminal 1) to an individual operator? Surely a shared terminal (INTL) should carry this title. Also, the numbering sequence is not logical, they'll just confuse the plonkers that travel...definately a QF decision.;)

23rd Jun 2005, 00:27

You are not much on logic if you think naming the MIDDLE terminal as number 1 is the best way to go.

It has to be in order 1, 2, 3. You can buy books which will help you with this sequence at any childrens book store.

Given that the sequence by convention is from left to right the argument is whether it should be 1, 2, 3 on the road side (i.e. Virgin/Rex terminal No 1) or from airside (Qantas terminal No 1) they obviously went with the latter. Big Deal.

Buster Hyman
23rd Jun 2005, 01:39
Right...Okay...I see the light.:rolleyes:

I read Terminal & was thinking "Finger". Therefore, B & C are now Terminal 1, D is Terminal 2 & E & F belong to Terminal 3...Okay, with the program...carry on all!:ok:

23rd Jun 2005, 23:13
You will find that the name change was instigated in fact by the Victorian Government and Melbourne Airport in an attempt to make the airport more user friendly for our foreign guests before the Commonwealth Games in 2006.