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homesick rae
22nd Jun 2005, 03:16
I have been having knee probs for a few months now, but it also appears to trigger pain in the groin as well.

The knee pain is not intense, but awkward and is down the sides of the knee as well as the ligaments just below the knee cap.

I cannot put my right leg up onto my knee as I get the knee pain AND the groin pain. Same if I am sitting trying to tie my shoelace.

I also get a very sharp tearing pain in my groin on its own depending how I move from time to time.

Any ideas?



23rd Jun 2005, 03:24

I have a medical condition involving my knees that's still being diagnosed by the 'ever-seeing' doctors. (For the last 10 years)

As noted in a previous (my first ever) post, I also have had a hearing problem since childhood.
It's all related to the carts in my joints, as per the doctors.

I've never had groin pains as a result, though.
I feel for you with the knees.

At times, I can't bend my knees, period. And they sweel up to twice their size. But, I can put all the weight I want on them at any time. It doesn't make sence.

Since I can keep them straight and put weight on them, I still pass for my 3rd class.

It seems that since the pain runs to your groin, I'd say it's more of a muscular problem, rather than a joint failure.
My 'boys' have never been effected and I've had knee problems since I was 14. (I'm now 28)

(I once went down on the ramp because my knee decided to 'split' on me during a fueling)

Loose rivets
23rd Jun 2005, 07:28
You question if there is a connection, but the groin pain may be quite a different issue. There is a type of hernia that gives pain there. However, I gather that this can cause throbbing at night as well. This really does need expert opinion.

If related to the knee, is it perhaps because of unusual stresses due to change of gait etc?

homesick rae
23rd Jun 2005, 11:38
I apologise...it is actually at the top of my thigh, slightly to the inside. I am just wondering if this is because of the weight compensation from the knee problem?

But every now and again I get a sharp tearing pain...the knee pain is more awkward than intense...down the sides and below the kneecap it feels tight and strained with a nagging pain if anything.

Sorry for earlier confusion and thanks for the replies.



Loose rivets
23rd Jun 2005, 18:40
I am a pilot not a doctor, so, unqualified opinion.

If the knee is being forced apart by debris, the ligaments will hurt in the short term, and become inflamed in the medium to long term. It is a close tolerance joint, and it doesn't take much.

It is vital to get a definite answer to the problem, and I feel that MRI or visual probing optically is the only way forward. X-rays do not show some of the possible culprits.

If you want to keep the thread going, I'll try to be a little more detailed when time permits.

homesick rae
23rd Jun 2005, 19:54
Really bizarre, but now the thigh (inside of, near the groin area) is the main culprit, so much so that any sharp movements cause sudden pain, but no pain other wise there. The knee pain has kinda put some stress on the calf a bit and that is awkwardly painful too. Already had keyhole on said knee some years ago with no problems found. They x rayed it the other day and put me on Narproxen.



23rd Jun 2005, 22:05
It is certainly the case that osteoarthritis of the hip frequently manifests as some combination of knee and groin pain, but whether this is in any way relevant in your case I simply could not say.


homesick rae
24th Jun 2005, 05:51
This is like a sharp tear on the thigh muscle at the top of my right thigh...happens when walking quickly/sudden movements. I am more concerned about getting rid of this pain than much else right now!

24th Jun 2005, 12:51

I'd have this checked out with a focus on an arthritic/necrotic hip joint. My symptons were similar and Xrays and an MRI scan confirmed damage to the hip joint. (The discomfort in both hip and knee is due to the shared nerve structure, I believe.)
Depending on how advanced/severe the arthritis is, there are a load of options to address the pain and drag out a hip replacement - physiotherapy, exercise, weight loss.
What age bracket are you in, BTW?

homesick rae
24th Jun 2005, 13:39
Don't have any hip discomfort and walk normally around the house and outdoors, but long distances put a starinon the knee.

The thigh pain is as mentioned above.

I'm in the 40-50 bracket! Lol!



24th Jun 2005, 14:48
OK, off you toddle to the quack then...
I didn't (still don't) have hip discomfort - just groin pain (which comes from the bone-on-bone abrasion, supposedly) and pain down to and below the knee.
Apparently, some folks with hip joint problems never have localised pain or only remote knee pain(which led to some chappy having a knee joint replacement, only to find out that that wasn't the problem. Not an urban myth...)
Hope it works out OK, but get it checked out

24th Jun 2005, 17:24
I had the same problem a few years back, it felt i had some sort of groin injury and i was had a bit of pain in my knee on the same leg, i presumed it was some sort of strain so i never really thought about it and presumed it would go away in a few days! But when it didnt go away after 3 months i went to see a doctor who then sent me for an x-ray, it turns out my femur bone was slipping out from my hip joint, the medical term for it is "slipped upper femoral epiphyses" i had left it for so long that it was impeading the blood flow to my lower leg!! I was rushed into surgery and i had a metal pin inserted into my hip through femur and into my hip to keep it there, a couple of weeks later it happened on my other leg and i had to go through the same procedure, i personally would reccomend that you go see a doctor just to be safe if the problems persist!

Rabid Dog
26th Jun 2005, 18:50
Interesting feedback.
The knee and the hip share a common innervation, therefore injury to the knee can manifest as pain in the knee or the hip, and vice versa. Therefore, the pain in the hip may be referred from the knee, may be to due injury in the hip itself, or may be due to changed gait etc. forces, compensating for the knee injury.
My advice is to see a doctor, and get it properly sorted out.

homesick rae
27th Jun 2005, 03:56
I guess playing prop forward for many years didn't help!

Well, of course I will get it seen to properly...have a friend who has suffered similar and took some joint relievers which helped greatly. I have decided to try this...and no,I am not prolonging the inevitable...just that I may need to travel on business and need to "buy" a few weeks...rightly or wrongly. If it gets any worse I will certainly check out a doc on my travels.

Great feedback and I appreciate it!



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