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22nd Jun 2005, 01:06
From the ABC website.

"Qantas staff retrenched, union says

The Australian Services Union says Qantas has started retrenching staff to cut costs.

The union says 14 check-in staff at Newcastle Airport have been told they could soon be out of a job after the Qantas budget airline, Jetstar, outsourced its passenger service contract.

A spokesman for Jetstar has confirmed the contract is being reviewed.

ASU assistant national secretary, Linda White, says the Newcastle job losses could be the start of a larger program of job cuts.

"As many as 14 of them are going to lose their jobs and it's because Jetstar's decided to no longer use their services," she said.

"They're going to outsource outside the Qantas group.

"We think that's an absolute outrage because of the promises we received about nobody's job being affected by the introduction of Jetstar, and these are the first casualties ."

How distasteful. Even a billion dollar profit won't satisfy them, and you reckon its worth keeping SIA out for this?

Sandy Freckle
22nd Jun 2005, 01:16
Do I care if all of you lose your jobs as a result of a wave of cheaper airfares? No.
Your comments made on 13 June 2005, Sunfish. Somewhat hypocritical, wouldn't you say?

Don't bother replying. As someone else has stated to you, you deserve ZERO respect.

22nd Jun 2005, 01:18
Just goes to show that there are those amongst us that can see the writing on the wall and try and spell it out to others, but a 3% pay rise and a bit of back pay is always going to win over the doubting Thomas's.

I know which I would rather have, a job or a little back pay ??????

It is not possible to turn back the clock..............is it?

Waste Gate
22nd Jun 2005, 03:27
Trust you to start this thread Sunfish :mad:

22nd Jun 2005, 05:11
Will these jobs be lost or perhaps go to other Australians in NTL? Someone will have to do the job... won't they?

22nd Jun 2005, 07:41
With the greatest of respect to all of youse. I feel the pain you must be in.

A week ago your great leader, Geoff Dixon, was talking piously to Cabinet about how Australian jobs would be at risk if Singapore Airlines was allowed to compete with Qantas.............................. And today we appear to have Qantas getting rid of ........Australian jobs all by itself.

This raises the two obvious questions.

1. Is Geoff Dixon on the same planet as the rest of us?

2. Are there special jobs in Qantas that are immune to cuts? You know as in "core jobs" and "jobs".

The answer is sadly No and No.

This is not schadenfreude either. In my humble opinion, you would all be a lot better off and a lot happier if everyone accepted that the skies are going to open sooner or later and get the whole mess over with instead of suffering the death of a thousand cuts. Then perhaps you can get on with flying and delivering a superior service.

22nd Jun 2005, 09:05
Was talking to a "Qantas" longhaul F/A the other day; employed by Jetconnect in NZ.
Applied to Qantas for a F/A position and was subsequently accepted, then told the position was in Auckland.
So what we have is an Australian resident required to move to NZ at own expense, to be paid a much lower remuneration than Australian longhaul crew.


Yeah - - "we still call Australia home"

Enema Bandit's Dad
22nd Jun 2005, 10:52
That headline would have made your day wouldn't it Sunfish? Now go away back to your tool factory and model some more on yourself.

KID Quality
22nd Jun 2005, 11:13
What Sunfish said plus get with the global scene............Australian aviation is as wide open to being deflowered than any other market. Take a peek over your shoulder at the domestic situation and V****n (how appropriate!).
How many times it's said in this site that its's a cut-throat biz..........and you feel immune :mad:

22nd Jun 2005, 11:33
Yeah - - "we still call Australia home"

Hahaha, I like that one :} :ok:

22nd Jun 2005, 13:05
this has been happening for the last 4 months.
You will find that these people from Australia that are employed in AKL are the [email protected] that were contracted during our EBA negotiations.
they were all offered the job in NZ and most of them accepted.
I have flown within quite a few of them and they have confirmed it.
They are all whingeing now, they were so desperate for the job.

still no excuse, they aren't to be trusted, they are simply [email protected]