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Sky Goose
21st Jun 2005, 15:35
Anyone done the above program with SAS Flight Academy?

They advertise an MCC where the MCC is used to qualify you for the Ryan Air SSTR program. Havent had much luck getting info out of SAS or pprune searches.

Any help appreciated.



btw. yes I am desperate enough to pay for a job

Sky Goose
23rd Jun 2005, 23:54
No one ever heard of this program?

Any feedback would be great, thinking of doing it and just wanted some info of people who have attended or are thinking of doing so.


24th Jun 2005, 10:08
hey sky goose

The type rating program at SFA is administrated by BF SAA. Check our their webpage www.bfsaa.se for more information!

Sky Goose
24th Jun 2005, 10:28
Thanks Olf

Thanks for the link, it provides more info than the one supplied from the Ryan Air site.

Still would like to know if anyone has done the MCC/TQP with them. Seems better than doing a regular MCC if you plan on doing the Ryanair SSTR.


25th Jun 2005, 09:56
Yes it may seem that way, but I think BF SAA favour own students, and I havenít heard that anyone that just did the MCC course later get a place at Ryanair SSTR.

Sky Goose
28th Jun 2005, 11:39

Got an e-mail from them this morning,

"In cooperation with Scandinavian Aviation Academy, SAS Flight Academy offers Self-sponsored Training for pilots including the Type Rating Qualification Program (TQP), where the MCC courses is used as an evaluation tool"

Hope you're not correct as it would mean that no one has passed this TQP program of theirs!

Have you any other info that might be of use to me, eg. who to speak to etc.

thanks for you help so far


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