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flying fijian
20th Jun 2005, 02:52
Another Fijian 737ng captain bailed out of air pac for the sandpit.....that makes 12 pilots lost in the last 6 months....more than 10% of the total complement. The guys who have left include 737,767 and 747 captains.A few 747 -400 drivers have also left for Air NZ and more resignations are pending.One wonders what is air pac management is doing to retain locals?

20th Jun 2005, 06:05
What they're doing is ......................... SFA.

20th Jun 2005, 06:43
Initially the company will be pleased. It is all a ploy to break the union and operate a semi-low cost operation by having its pilot eventually on individual contracts. I know of 2 maybe more that have been offered `stuff` in return for opting out of the union. Ek has its arms wide open for AirPac drivers according to the head honcho for recruitment over there, so last one to leave Nososo road please turn off the lights. EK by the way want to double its fleet from 76 aircraft and more that double its driver numbers by 2010...keep discovering!

20th Jun 2005, 17:24
Yes, and the exodus is starting at EK as well. Must be same management style. All third world stuff. !!

20th Jun 2005, 22:03
Awesome!..Well at least EK pays better and doesn't make you wait 10 years for a command...nowdays anyway!

21st Jun 2005, 08:32
Encouraging scabbing is a blunt instrument that doesn't pay off in the long term. There are a few now defunct airlines that will attest to this.