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18th Jun 2005, 00:55
Who said that the A340 only climbs cos the worlds curved?? (http://www.airliners.net/open.file/860502/M/)

18th Jun 2005, 01:05
If you rotate the pic 90 degrees you may get a truer representation.

18th Jun 2005, 01:10
load it up with pax and fuel and see what happens!

Capn Bloggs
18th Jun 2005, 01:56
That's just what the A330 looked like before it speared in...

Check out the rudder deflection. I wonder if that's the ace "I go down in flames" Pierre giving it a boot for the crowd or the FBW going berserk?

18th Jun 2005, 02:20
How about rotating it 180 degrees :E

404 Titan
18th Jun 2005, 03:17
Oh boy, I love a laugh. Firstly the A340 we a looking at there is a -600. I will agree the -300 is a dog in the climb at high weights but the -600 isn’t. Instead of the four CFM hair dryers strapped to the wing that the -300 has, it has four great big Rollers that pack a punch.

As for the photo, it is real. It was taken at the Paris air show I think. The angle of the photo may be exaggerating it a bit but I have also seen the video. Pitch attitude is limited to 30°, progressively reducing to 25° at low speed and bank angle to 67° reducing to 45° at high angles of attack or high speed protection. The crash of the A330 prototype had nothing to do with this but involved asymmetric work at take off at different weights.

The Messiah
18th Jun 2005, 03:28
The -300 doesn't operate at high weights, even when its full, and the -600 is always in the hangar.:ok:

18th Jun 2005, 03:31
Capn Bloggs yet again you are an idiot.

Have you ever heard of turn coordination? Yaw dampers? Slip and skid? Secondary effects?

I guess they dont show you that much on TIFs.

Capn Bloggs
18th Jun 2005, 03:48

What's a TIF?

The crash of the A330 prototype had nothing to do with this but involved asymmetric work at take off at different weights. ...involved yet another example of a failure of the Airbus man/machine interface...

Night Watch
18th Jun 2005, 06:20
Once again we see another thread on D & G forum with is full of ignorant people that don't fly the bus, and would have no clue....

Once again 404 Titan is the only one with an intelligent post..... well done mate! :ok:

404 Titan
18th Jun 2005, 08:05
Capn Bloggs
...involved yet another example of a failure of the Airbus man/machine interface...
I could say that for every single aircraft accident that was due to pilot error because to some extent or another it involves a failure of the man/machine interface. I think that would involve every single aircraft manufacturer don’t you?

The Messiah
18th Jun 2005, 08:22
CEO's the world over have never flown the bus either yet all agree, the only good thing about the AIRBUS is the price.

404 Titan
18th Jun 2005, 08:54
The Messiah

And the running cost. :p :E

18th Jun 2005, 08:55
not many can pretend having operated all 3 (now 2) major civil aircraft manufaturers. i have. a lot of strong and weak points on either of them. the whole cockpit unfortunately not belonging to airbus's strong points.

The Messiah
18th Jun 2005, 09:06
404 Titan

Running costs include maintenance costs which Boeing are way ahead on.

Buster Hyman
18th Jun 2005, 09:26
Well, here we see another example of why pilots shouldn't do their own LoadSheets!!!!:E

19th Jun 2005, 20:21
Interesting, but I've seen another website where a U.S. pilot totally cans Boeing for poor service and gouging its customers for support.

In addition he says there is zero commonality between cockpits in Boeing aircraft which makes for extra conversion costs compared to Airbus.

I wonder if there is any truth in this.

21st Jun 2005, 08:36
I've been to a lot of airshows, and I don't think I've ever heard a crowd gasp like they did when they witnessed that !!

Pretty stunning to see

21st Jun 2005, 09:35
Don't suppose there is any video about of the performance.

I watched one of the demo 340 'bus's arrival at Perth after a non stop from Toulouse do a max alpha approach it was pretty impressive. The only thing I 've seen closer is the max alpha F16 stuff.:cool:

Prolly only fumes in the tanks and a cuppla dozen Froggies on board but super impressive. Actually if I recall correctly he landed with several hours or an enroute diversion to ADL

White Knight
29th Jun 2005, 20:10
Bunch of bloody aussie whingers:yuk: :cool:

The 'bus is beautiful:D What have the Ozmates produced recently???????????????????????

30th Jun 2005, 00:20
THE........................................... nomad

The Messiah
30th Jun 2005, 02:07
.......and Warnie!!!