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16th Jun 2005, 01:35
Well, the votes are in and it appears the EBA has got up by 62%. The EBA has been accepted.

Crystal Marina
16th Jun 2005, 01:57

If this is the Qantas EBA you are talking about then it is good to see that common sence prevailed.

Great to hear.

16th Jun 2005, 02:28
Yes, sorry Qantas ALAEA EBA VII, and I should point out that 62% of lames that voted, voted yes.

sys 4
16th Jun 2005, 03:26
and 500 didn't vote ,WHY did they get their pin numbers, if not is the whole going to have to be voted on again

16th Jun 2005, 03:45
What's the latest sys4? Were alot of members not sent the pin to vote online?

sys 4
16th Jun 2005, 04:18
there was a few in HM

Turbo 5B
16th Jun 2005, 04:29
You must be a bit nervous Crystal, having to come back to H/M and explain to them why you supported such a stupid deal.
And also when some of your posts are read out to the membership they might be a bit suprised to know that you hold such strong anti employee views.

16th Jun 2005, 04:42
If any lame at Qantas did not recieve the information with which to vote, then the vote should have been suspended until such time as all lames were. Did the people you know of contact the assn or elections australia? I'd be interested to know what the response was. I would be equally as interested in seing the numbers not only for/against but also no vote at all.

Turbo 5B
16th Jun 2005, 04:55
I know of at least 2 in H/M that did not recieve pin numbers.
1 had only just been payed as a lame so the payroll staff numbers missed him
The other has been a lame for years and was a vocal one at meetings.
Local H.R did not know a thing about the vote.
It involved having to do things like contact your manager and get him to contact IR so they could inform elecions australia.
The whole system was a shamble.
What would happen if you were on leave for a couple of weeks and didn't realise that you didn't get a pin?

16th Jun 2005, 10:18
Well, I must congratulate the Negotiation Team and those of the Executive in favour of putting this forward to the members.

The results speak fo themselves, 62% in favour, 78% participation, I'd be proud of that result if it were what I was after.

Just goes to show, keep people in the dark, preach continual doom and gloom, misinform and drag it out leaving people with no optimism at all or any hope of real representation or negotiation.

Having an essential monopoly on representation makes for a dream run.

They can't take all the credit though, apathy, ignorance and blind faith by the members forged the herd.

Time will expose what stupidity has hidden, wait now for all what was thought not to be included, or to what we were supposed to have saved ourselves from.

Successfully once more played off against each other, by our own union, the company and ourselves particularly by the shortsighted view our leaders have breed.

Why is it not seen?

Crystal, fourty years, I hope I don't end up like you, selling out others for a few extra bucks, enjoy your retirement , I gather your not far from it, this can be your last great CONquest!

De ja vu EBA6:{

16th Jun 2005, 11:37
when i left after the smables and screwing of EBA IV, i didnt believe it could get any worse! Leaving QF was the best day of mt life, and was the biggest step forward for all those that i knw who left as well.

and it baffles me to think, with the abysmal conditions there, others offering much better conditions are seriously understaffed! and having difficulty filling positions..

16th Jun 2005, 14:10

where are these positions? I know of alot of LAME'S that would love to leave Qantas. The options are limited as is the future of all LAME'S.

Please enlighten us.

The EBA may have got up this time around, but we all know a change is near. Just one year to go till we have a executive who will fight for us all, not just a select few. (particularly executive members who spend time relieving in Malaysia).

You may have won the battle you f**kwits, but the war has just begun.

17th Jun 2005, 07:19
That's whats baffles me as well.There are alot of jobs out there ,one just has to get off one's arse and look and with alot better pay rates than Q without the weekend shifts and still in OZ.Heard Skippers in WA are paying $28/hr + shift for AME so go figure,don't believe their propaganda.

Also heard that Aviation Australia in Brisbane have just received JAR/EASA 147 approval and are formulating a conversion course from CASA Licence to JAR/EASA Licence, so that will open up Europe who are desperate for engineers and with rates above 30/hr and rising the future only looks rosey for a LAME.

And if that doesn't convince, just have a good look around at the LAME's that have been there for a long time with their bitter and twisted demeanor,the ones who continually look out for themselves and not the young LAME, and think ,do I want to end up like him,I know I didn't, so I left and haven't looked back since.

17th Jun 2005, 13:44
Ultralights & INCOGNITO,
agree with you whole heartedly however not every LAME has the luxury to "hit the road" so to speak, taking into consideration personal situations and family etc. What irks me is these management pricks and some association exec twats know this and consequently treat the troops on the floor with utter contempt.
Until we are able to obtain some representation with serious fortitude the future holds little hope!:sad: :(