View Full Version : NZQN QF RNAV approach trial.

15th Jun 2005, 14:27
I see today CASA published the miscellaneous instrument allowing the trial of the two RNAV approaches and two RNAV Departures into/from Queenstown (NZ). As these proceedures are permitted to be flown only with the autoflight system in LNAV mode in this trial, I would be interested to know if this presents a slightly bigger 'pucker' factor than normal for those flying these approaches in IMC. Not so much from a systems perspective, as I am sure that the automatics can handle all the lumps and bumps but more from idea of having so much high ground about:ugh:.

I would be interested to hear from those who might know a bit more about what was involved in getting this trial approved.




Capn Bloggs
15th Jun 2005, 15:02
I'm impressed, although I could do an NDB right teardrop from the South and achieve the same thing without all this new-fangled kit... :ok:

OzExpat must have designed it: there's a waypoint at the FAF! :{

I assume that the same departure would continue to be flown if a donk stopped; how does an -800 go maintaining 1500fpm on one engine to 9800ft AMSL? :eek:

15th Jun 2005, 23:06
Well I guess that clears up any question of CASA approving the proposed RNP procedures that have been designed for a certain Australian airport for Qantas.

16th Jun 2005, 01:37
Read your NOTAMs boys - the procedures have been withdrawn... for now.
Bloggsy - it was not designed by anybody in Australia or NZ..... and you certainly need the waypoints at Queenstown....