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11th Dec 2001, 17:24
Does anybody know what the story is with recruiting at Go (if indeed they are doing any), in terms of requirements etc.?
Is the address to send CV's to that on the website?
Could somebody tell me the Chief Pilots name?


World Traveller
11th Dec 2001, 17:29
There is a new link to jobs on their website www.go-fly.com. (http://www.go-fly.com.) They want pilots, CC and ops/crewing staff.

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glider insider
11th Dec 2001, 18:19
at present there is a non essential recruitment freeze...

i.e not taking on new people to do jobs that can be done by existing staff

but, with plans to take on at least 5 aircraft next year, starting Jan / Feb i am sure that Go will be looking for Flight crew / cabin crew....

11th Dec 2001, 23:54
GO have been involved in some disgraceful shafting of pilots recently. I know one who was working the last 3 days of his notice before starting with GO when he was rung and told he was not required any more. (its ok they could get type rated people...)

Since the company he was enployed by was about to make a large number of pilots redundant, he could not recind his notice. As a result he was left with NO JOB, NO REDUNDANCY, NO MONEY and he has a wife and family to support.

Great for GO that they can get pilots without having to pay the type rating but they have really left this guy up sh#t creak without a paddle - and at 3 days notice. Just watch out. :mad: :confused:

why me?
12th Dec 2001, 00:32
Go are recruiting for pilots at the moment, however the preference is being placed on those who are type-rated. We have 5 (with an option for 6) new aircraft being delivered, starting with the first in January and are recruiting now to fill the places required to fill the seats in these new chariots.

ElNino - post your e-mail address and i'll give you more info.

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