View Full Version : Puns on the word "PENNY" please

28th May 2005, 09:15
There is a good reason ......................

tony draper
28th May 2005, 09:18
Before decimalisation there were 240 pennies in a pun.

28th May 2005, 09:20
Therefore...........puns must come from heaven as well Admiral D!!

Bo Nalls
28th May 2005, 09:28
Penny was a hard working, conscientious girl, who lived on her own. Her dream in life was to go on an ocean cruise around the world. So she scrimped, and she saved, and she saved, and she scrimped until finally, one day, she had enough money to go on her ocean cruise. She booked passage on a cruise liner - first class all the way... The cruise started off in a grandiose scale, dancing and parties every night. But Penny was a cautious girl, so she never drank, but just danced the night away.

One night, after they had been at sea for a week, Penny was walking back to her cabin, when the heel on her left shoe broke throwing her off balance. If that wasn't enough, the ship
chose that moment to tilt to the left. As a result, Penny was thrown overboard. A hue and a cry were immediately raised, and after about five minutes they found Penny. Hauling her aboard, the ship's crew realized that it was too late, poor Penny was dead.

Normally, they would have done a burial at sea, but as I said before, Penny was a very conscientious girl, and had written a will. In it, she specified that she wished for her body to be cremated, and kept in a jar on her parent's fireplace mantel. Her wishes were fulfilled, which just goes to show you that a Penny saved is a Penny urned. :ok: :ok:

Is a girl on a budget a 'Penny Pincher'?

Val d'Isere
28th May 2005, 09:49
There is a good reason ......................
Until you tell me what that is, I don't give a flippin toss for your request. Spin on this, to coin a phrase. :ok:

No sad tails, either, I've got my head screwed on, you'd better count on it.

Sterling attempt, but you can shove it.


28th May 2005, 10:49
Got a best man's speech to prepare for, have you, Onewordanswer?

28th May 2005, 10:51
Coined by an abandoned Doberman Pinscher: In for a penny, in for a pound. wuff wuff wuff another one of my many dog impressions... :=

Solid Rust Twotter
28th May 2005, 10:52
Got a mate with the last name Penny. As his whole family are skydivers, they named the team "Pennys From Heaven". I always thought "The Penny's Dropped" would have been a good one as well.

28th May 2005, 10:53
Penny for them AERBABE!!

28th May 2005, 10:57
Find a penny, pick it up,
All day long, you'll have good luck!



tony draper
28th May 2005, 11:07
Penny wise pun foolish.

One could go on all day.


28th May 2005, 11:13
You look after the pennies Mr D, Ill look after the pooonds!!

28th May 2005, 11:41
Penny farthing: The higher you climb, the harder you fall...

Lon More
28th May 2005, 11:46
The Aberdonian koi carp fancier, all his life he'd scrimped and saved, read "Consumer Weekly"conscientiously at the local free library, never bought a newspaper, waited a couple of weeks until it was used to wrap his fish and chips. When he retired he blew the lot on a really OTT garden pond, As the saying goes, penny wise, pond foolish.:E

28th May 2005, 12:32
I wish all the ladies, were pennies in a bank,
And I were a banker, I'd melt down all the skank.

Capn Notarious
28th May 2005, 13:19
The Mexican bandit at the surrender ceremony.
Senor, I cannot sign the pen eeze empty.

28th May 2005, 14:15
Back in Roman days, as you may know, slavery was part of life. People went to slave markets to buy and sell slaves from all over the known world.
One particular slave market holder became well known for his special promotional contests - people would come from all over the Empire to win one of his slaves.
His most popular contest was a game where you had to try to throw a coin into a Roman urn. If you've seen pictures, you'll know that these urns have very narrow necks, so the game was quite challenging, but if you succeeded, you would win a slave from the market, so the prizes were good.
One day, a fairly poor woman returned from the market with a slave. Her husband immediately berated her for spending so much money to buy a slave, but she told him that she had won the contest, so it had only cost a single penny.
"After all," she said "You've always told me that a penny urned is a penny slaved."

28th May 2005, 23:11
Mind you, she added, I was worried for a bit. Until it clicked into the urn, my denarius looked precarious.

Mr Chips
28th May 2005, 23:16
Find a penny, pick it up, All day long, you'll have good luck!


Find a penny, pick it up, All day long, you'll have a penny