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27th May 2005, 09:27
Seems they were asked to drop their weapons twice and refused.

RTE radio is saying how awful it all is, and local shopkeeper was outraged that he was not warned in advance.(!)

From a sample of public opinion this morning , the Plain People of Ireland are saying "Way to Go, Guards"

Garda intelligence (not a phrase you used to hear very often) seems to have been spot on.

27th May 2005, 09:48
It does indeed appear that there's been a (r)evolution in the Irish police force over the past few years. The old joke about the recruitment policy consisting solely of going to some mountain up the arse of nowhere, shaking some raw meat and recruiting whatever appeared seems now to have been totally reversed.

The bad old days of some aul gobshite on the TV speaking in monotones on behalf of the Gardai seems to have also been replaced by younger and more intelligent spokespeople.

Overall they appear to be getting more and more switched on and their rate of solving serious crimes would appear to something worth applauding

27th May 2005, 10:10
Tis age being touched with understanding

Dr. Paisley's speech to Independent Orangemen on 12th July

The following is the speech which Dr. Paisley made on 12th July to the Independent Loyal Orange demonstration at Larne, Co. Antrim.
Dr. Ian R.K. Paisley
'This 12th July demonstration marks one of the most serious times in all of our Province's history..

The British Government walks arm-in-arm with IRA/Sinn Fein, intent upon appeasing them at every turn.

The Queen gave the Royal Ulster Constabulary the George Cross (GC), but Blair, in the new Police Bill, has stripped the RUC of that honour and turned the GC into Gerry's Constabulary.

Blair has done this:

by completely demoralising the force;
by putting IRA/Sinn Fein on the Board of Management, and
by opening the ranks to IRA recruits.
Mr. Trimble walks arm-in-arm with Martin Maguinness, the man who says that he would not tell those who have information about the Stewartstown bombing to go to the Police, because of the way the RUC has acted at Drumcree!
The ecumenical clergy walk arm-in-arm with the priests of Rome in telling the Orangemen that their collarettes should be banned from Protestant Churches, and that the Union Flag should be removed from all places of worship!

The Secretary of State walks arm-in-arm with the Rice's and McKenna's of this world, and demands that unless permissiion is brokered with their agreement, the Orangemen will not be permitted to march back from their Sunday services!

IRA/Sinn Fein is winning, and winning while Trimble is conceding and conceding.

The time has come that Protesgtants must expose those within their own ranks.

Ecumenists are nothing more and nothing less than Rome's Fifth Column. Their aim is to eradicate Protestantism as an easy take-over by Rome.

The recently-brokered agreement between Rome and Anglicanism to recognise the Pope as the sole head of the Christian Church, points the way.

The cardinal principles of Protestantism:

The Bible alone, not the Pope, as the sole rule of Faith and Practice;
Faith alone, not works, as the only instrument of salvation;
Christ's Sacrifice alone, not the mass, as the only sacrifice for sins;
The precious Blood of Christ, not the sacraments, as the only power to cleanse away sins;
Grace alone, not human merits, the only basis of acceptance with God;
Christ alone, not the Pope, the sole Head of the Christian Church;
must be restated, reiterated and reaffirmed.
These truths must be trumpeted unapologetically around the Province. The black darkness of pre-Reformation popery is settling down again across our country.

The light of the true Gospel must be shed forth.

Our fathers' cry is timely for this hour - No peace with Rome till Rome makes peace with God.

The sinister legislatiion coming out from the European Uniion which will force Christian Organisations, Christian Churches, Education establishments and Schools, to employ homosexuals, lesbians, atheists and unbelievers of every kind, is a sign of the times.

The New Labour government, under Jack Straw, has agreed that these people must be forced on Christian bodies in the field of employment, and has pledged that it will put this EU directive on the statute book of this United Kingdom.

This so-called 'Fair Employment' is grossly unfair to Christians, and is an insult to those who believe in the Bible. It is an attempt to destroy Christianity at its foundation.

I have continually warned against the colossal arrogance and dictatorship of Europe, and I can tell you that many more such proposals are in the pipeline. One such proposal is that unless Churches are registered they will not be able to carry on their worship. This back to pre-Reformation times indeed!

The co-operation of the Sovereign States of Europe could be helpful, but when this becomes the incorporation of the Sovereign States into a super-state, then it is totally destructive to liberty and democracy.'

Email: [email protected]


Standard Noise
27th May 2005, 10:20
Excellent news, after all, the only good armed robbers are dead ones!
Now, if only we could get the UK police forces to take note, rather than mollycoddling the bloody criminals instead.:rolleyes:

Onewordanswer - sorry, you've lost me. As an Ulsterman, I can't ever remember Paisley preaching about armed robbery, have you been at the funny juice?:confused:

tony draper
27th May 2005, 10:20
Good stuff, well done lads,the local news carried a item last night about the Cumbria Force being issued with Tazers,shock horror! talking bladder head from campaign for civil liberties getting his knickers all in a twist, **** em all,zap the bastards lads, and zap em often.

27th May 2005, 10:21
What the heck does Ian Paisley and his politics have to do with a couple of coppers dealing with an armed robbery?


Sailor Vee
27th May 2005, 10:21

What has your reply got to do with 2 armed raiders being shot in a Post Office?

Standard Noise
27th May 2005, 10:28
Thank god for that, I thought I was the only one puzzled by old Oneworddifferentanswer.:bored:

High Wing Drifter
27th May 2005, 10:59
He is either saying that Paisley was wrong and that the robbers were Catholic or that Paisley is right and that the robbers were Protestant. The fact they were armed just provides and opportune exc...what was the question?

27th May 2005, 11:01
To whit..............God luv 'em
Irish police have for the first time linked a stash of stolen money found in Belfast with a spectacular bank robbery in the city last December as suspicion about IRA involvement in the crime grows.

The Irish government has accused the Irish Republican Army of having a hand in the Northern Bank robbery as well as attempts to launder cash.

But Gerry Adams, head of Sinn Fein - the political wing of the paramilitary Irish Republican Army - denies any connection to the probe

I'm Bi-political:}

see here (http://www.upmj.co.uk/psychotic.php4)

27th May 2005, 16:27
Onewordanswer - the thread is solely about a post-office raid around Dublin by a bunch of known crackheads and the subsequent shooting dead of two of said merrymen by the Gardai's finest. Nothing to do with Northern Bank, laundering money, the IRA, Paisley (bless 'im) or anything else connected with Norn Iron

Now, that's what WE'RE on about ...... what the **** are you on about? :confused:

Onan the Clumsy
27th May 2005, 16:32
I heard that local regulations required the Cumbria Police to replace their orange hi viz jackets with one coloured in earth tones.

27th May 2005, 16:33
Good riddance to them.

I'm sick of these thugs ruling & terrorising our streets & trying to make an illegal quick buck but not caring who's life they blast to kingdom come if they get in the way while the rest of us mugs work hard & painstakingly for a decent living. The more of these thugs that finish each other off, the less of them there will be, it's a very simple equation. :ok:

Let them at each other as they've been doing recently, there no loss to mankind if you ask me. If they cannot live by the normal, decent, law abiding rules of our country why should we treat their passing with the normal human decency & respect that we reserve for the rest of our fellow law abiding citizens.

I for one will not be shedding any tears for these evil gun wielding thugs though if they had a wife and family I do feel sympathy for them.

As for those poor five teenage girls that were killed in that bus crash, now that's a different matter. Watching their funerals last night on the news was heartbreaking. My heart goes out to their poor friends & families. :(