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tony draper
27th May 2005, 08:42
Anybody else watching this new BBC4 gem? best thing since Yes Minister, worth the price of a digi box just for this alone.


Great stuff.

27th May 2005, 10:46
I made a point of watching it last week, although I missed it last night.

Similar satire to Yes Minister but without any of the cozyness. I'm looking forward to more.

27th May 2005, 11:17
This series is turning, as you rightly say Drapes, into a gem. I understand that although it is scripted a lot of input is made by the cast on an ad lib basis as it is filmed.

As ever, Chris Langham is superb.


27th May 2005, 11:20
Brilliant prog,probably too near to the truth for some at the top.Is this the reason for it only being a short series.?:hmm:

tony draper
27th May 2005, 11:21
Chris Langham is also a very good straight actor,watched his portrayal of George Orwell, it was first class.
At leat we still seem to have a talent for turning out great comedy and the occasional gem of a drama among the dross.

phoenix son
27th May 2005, 11:24
Is this the reason for it only being a short series.?

Which is usually a good sign, there were only ever 12 episodes of Fawlty Towers made...

27th May 2005, 20:18
Damn and double damn I missed it .

Saw the trailer and set the confuser to record.

Confuser spat out after 2 minutes so I am at sea with this

Seemed to have enormous potential.

Strange that it was BBC4 - therefore, I assume it will be repeated ?

Anyone know ?

(Remind me not to rely on my confuser to record a decent program - I think it has been infected by the Spin or Bliar virus)

tony draper
27th May 2005, 20:53
I see League of Gentlemen has been made into a movie, another masterpiece if a tad weird, its being repeated at the mo, I keep missing two bloody episodes,always the same bloody ones.

27th May 2005, 22:22

Do you remember McConackies Pickle, very slightly akin to Branston?

Was made in Hadfield, same village/town where League of Gentlemen is filmed. Suffered same fate as Branston factory, as I recall, burned...but didn't recover!