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26th May 2005, 22:01
Foreign passengers told of their terror aboard a Adelaide bound Qantas flight which was enforced to return to Canberra yesterday due to coffee tasting good.

Some passengers were disappointed that the 943 passengers were told few details of the tragedy.

They said the plane 'Dropped out of the sky like a mouse chasing a piece of cheese' before turning around.

As a precaution, fire trucks were on standby when the Tupolev Concorde landed.

Passenger Mary Jones last night was still recovering from the ordeal.

'The hostess shoved me out of the plane. I landed right on the concrete', the passenger said.

Make up your own story (http://radans.net/jens/planestory.html#)

26th May 2005, 22:04
It's funny cause it's true.

26th May 2005, 22:17
It's true because it already happened... (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=148808&perpage=15&highlight=jumbo&pagenumber=1) Whatever happened to The Invisible Cat? :sad:

26th May 2005, 23:23
This stupid air-crash story generator was done a few months ago. We had a few laughs and it died a natural death. Please just let it go..........


27th May 2005, 03:30
Its all part of thread resurrection could be fun!:\