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26th May 2005, 13:57

I don't think you could write this stuff.

"Maggots that you use on wounds are now classed as medicinal products, so we have to produce them under very controlled conditions."

26th May 2005, 14:08
They breed specialist leeches as well these days. Used widely in micro-surgery. They are placed on the wound and their anti-coagulants keep the smallest blood vessels open and they draw blood through as they feed. Produces excellent circulation and minimises scarring. Medicinal Leeches (http://www.fda.gov/fdac/features/2004/504_leech.html)

Onan the Clumsy
26th May 2005, 14:25
They used to use maggots in prisoner of war camps. Stick a little bit of meat in the open wound and bandage it up for a while. When you removed the bandage and flushed the wound, you'd find the maggots had eaten all the dead flesh thus preventing the onset of gangrene.

Nothing wrong with it at all really. Likewise leeches...if there's a real reason and not just a superstitious belief.

tony draper
26th May 2005, 14:48
Its a long way from being a new idea, I know a chap wounded in the leg and capured by the Germans during the war, his leg became infected and the Germans repatriated him, the infection was cured by a Canadian Doctor at the Newcastle General Hospital who put maggots down inside the plaster on his leg.

Krystal n chips
26th May 2005, 15:35
My mother had a very serious leg injury about 3 years ago--and the above were part of the treatment to help with the skin grafts healing. Spoke to a nurse friend of mine---after I saw the treatment for the first time and was also told it was then optional for a patient---- who assured me it was quite common practice and had been for some time.

Onan the Clumsy
26th May 2005, 15:38
so jb the message is..."don't knock it until you've tried it" :ok:

26th May 2005, 15:43
They breed specialist leeches as well these days Yes should you wish some further information you could do worse than calling the Labour party HQ ;) :ok:

tony draper
26th May 2005, 16:04
Chap I mentioned in the above post,tells me of his capture,as stated, bullet through leg, lying helpless he is happened upon by three German Soldiers,they look at him,he understands enough German and body language to figure two of them want to shoot him and be on their way,the third puts up a argument,they get their ciggies out for a smoke, before doing the deed so he scrabbles in his breast pocket and pulls out a packet of Senior Service which he offers em.,"
"Ah der Englander cigarette! das is gut, Tommy for you zer var is over"
they cature him instead of just shooting him, so smoking was very good for his health.

Capn Notarious
26th May 2005, 16:51
These maggots travel from Wales or Germany, very effective too. Some are loose and others like wriggling tea bags.

air pig
26th May 2005, 18:47
I've used them, that is not the problem its keeping the litle b******s under control, as they have a tendancy to wander off.

Solid Rust Twotter
26th May 2005, 19:30
Have to get the timing just right as well, to avoid a room full of flies.:ooh:

tony draper
26th May 2005, 19:41
Buggah! does this mean anglers have to get a prescription for their bait?.