View Full Version : Glazer, Wnaker or not ?

25th May 2005, 23:21
Glazer, Wnaker or not, from a Liverpool Fan ?

25th May 2005, 23:27
Wnaker indeed, does he even know where Old Trafford is?

25th May 2005, 23:56
tommy tanker - maybe - but from a business man's point of view?

25th May 2005, 23:59
Seems to be quite successful for a Wnaker - and does it matter? Man Utd is just another business.....

26th May 2005, 00:05
As far as business goes, he has made a good move, and will make good profits - but as far as the million fans go, with the passion for a club alongside, it means nothing. :confused:

26th May 2005, 01:50
The guy confuses me...seen him cornered on ITV news tonight - he just seems to stand there with a perpetual smile on his face, eternally silent. He didn't utter a word...not a single word. Crazy little fella imho :p

26th May 2005, 12:20
Wnaker or not

Possibly, but I bet he doesn't have to worry about paying his mortgage, or if he will have a good pension when he retires.

26th May 2005, 12:26
Glazer a w4nk4? At his age (75)?

I think it's quite an achievement buying ManU not even paying a penny for it and let the club pay by itself. Rather clever, me thinks.

Dr Illitout
26th May 2005, 13:16
He's got a beard, enough said..........

Rgds Dr I

26th May 2005, 13:33
My dad once said that there are only two types of men..... wnakers and liars.

26th May 2005, 13:46
Which type was he then? :E

26th May 2005, 15:56
Give him a tall hat and he'd be George Washington (bit fatter thought)

26th May 2005, 16:29
Capt Kaos:

It is a neat trick, but unfortunately, quite a common arrangement. `tis exactly how the Airlines Group bought their share of NATS thus lumbering a solvent and going concern with a mountain of debt. Daft, but true.

26th May 2005, 16:45
You could always let him plummet to his death :E
Malcolm Glazer Parachuting (http://www.mousebreaker.com/games/malcolm/play.php)

26th May 2005, 17:39
Give him a tall hat and he'd be George Washington (bit fatter thought)Hmmm, interesting.

I'll bet you mean Lincoln and not Washington, don't you? :ok:

26th May 2005, 21:04
Manchester United P.L.C.

27th May 2005, 09:24
ORAC....The answer is in his statement :D

Mr Chips
27th May 2005, 10:41
Personally, I couldn't believe how much press coverage this got, and how much the "fans" whinged. Just who the hell did this man buy his shares from? Oh yes, the people that owned the club before. Why did the irish fellas sell out to Glazer? Because of the threats/behaviour of the "fans"

Wonder if they feel a bit stupid yet?

27th May 2005, 16:32
Nice rant, Mr Chips, but I think you'll the find that the actual reason they sold was that Mr Glazer offered them an acceptable price for their shares. :rolleyes:

Mr Chips
28th May 2005, 23:02
Yes Caslance thats right. Nothing to do with their feelings towards the fans who threatened in the past to disrupt race meetings etc? That will have played no part in it at all....

Why all the fuss? The club was owned by shareholders before, and is still now.. just one shareholder! Bwah ha ha ha

29th May 2005, 07:28
Yes Caslance thats right. Nothing to do with their feelings towards the fans who threatened in the past to disrupt race meetings etc? That will have played no part in it at all....If you can overcome your antipathy towards all things United for a moment, Mr Chips, and think about it the answer to your question is very probably "yes".

The two gentlemen in question are very successful businessmen and, in common with almost all other successful businessmen, will have learned early on in their careers not to allow personal feelings to sway their business decisions.

The price was right and that's all there is to it.

But you go ahead and gloat, if that's what floats your boat..... :ok:

Mr Chips
30th May 2005, 00:37
Gloat? Me? I will drop my supposed anti Manchester United Bias if you drop your pro Manchester United bias.

A business was bought/sold. i can't believe how much media atention was focussed on it. Perhaps the "fans" could boycott the merchandise to show their feelings (although what the feelings are about i am at a loss to understand. Its a company, plain and simple)

Just imagine, soccer fans NOT rushing out to buy the latest rip off strip, which is just a cynical marketting ploy to fleece the fans a bit more. How many new strips can Manchester United produce in one year anyway?

Oh, and by the way. The newspaper reports I read (and no, i can't quote or link to them) suggested that the Irish fellas WERE influenced by the "fans" threats. You believe what you believe, and I'll believe what i believe.