View Full Version : Puzzle: What's so special about the number 4117?

Onan the Clumsy
25th May 2005, 20:33
I was working a trouble ticket this morning and I came across ticket No. 4117

"Hmmm" I said. "That number sounds familiar." :8

Anyone got any idea why? :confused:

Hint 1: you probably have to be an old git like me to know the answer. Young sprogs probably won't have a clue :rolleyes:

Hint 2: well I'll give hint #2 when you all need it. :E

25th May 2005, 20:55
4117 (http://www.viceroypalmsprings.com/reservations/) Check the phone No. !

25th May 2005, 21:04
Eau de Cologne for dyslexics?



Onan the Clumsy
25th May 2005, 21:04
nice try, but no.

25th May 2005, 21:42
Alas, 4117 isn't a prime number.

It's 23 times 179. Nuts.

Onan the Clumsy
25th May 2005, 21:56
ok, here's hint 2

I said 4117 looked familiar, but that was all. When I ran a check I found out that the real number was 4771

I bet that makes it a little clearer.

25th May 2005, 21:59
er...lg(3) = 0.4771 ?

25th May 2005, 22:02
It's the date of election of the next Tory government?

Onan the Clumsy
25th May 2005, 22:07
G-SCUD Very good. Did you know it or did you look it up? (Log base 10 of course)

Alright then, seing as you got the answer, you have to present the next puzzle. :8

JetBlast awaits........

25th May 2005, 22:12
4771 was the number of a Memorex chain printer I used to work on, if my memory is correct. It should have been 4711 but the perfume connection kicked in and the out of sequence number was used instead. For a seemingly endless period, each day ended with a couple of hours on the Sands Industrial Estate at High Wycombe trying to keep one particular printer going. I was forever adjusting the synch pulses on that one. Rarely got home before 21:00

Mike W

25th May 2005, 22:19
On the 4th July '71 the last piece of the metal structure was fitted to the World Trade Centre South Tower.

Or, if you prefer writing dates in the US fashion:

On April 7th '71 Richard Nixon announced plans to withdraw 100,000 troups from Vietnam

Liberty ’s in every blow!
Let us do or die.
Quotation number 4771 from Bartleby.com

25th May 2005, 22:39
Thanks Onan. Sadly I used 4-figure tables so much as a lad that I started remembering them. I’m afraid it’s past my bedtime now, so the Great Scud Conundrum must wait awhile…

26th May 2005, 03:46
oh... so i'm not the only guy who knows - remembers - the 0.4771, 0.3010 and 0.6990 (though i'm not sure bout that one....)

and i'm 22! :{

26th May 2005, 06:31
Hey Onan - now it all makes sense !!!

Seems WG wasn't too far from the mark after all ;)

OK - so now you need another one...


26th May 2005, 06:33
mwahahahaha..... an Indian to the rescue ;)

am i right, Grainger?

26th May 2005, 06:47
Thought it wouldn't take long BD :ok:

26th May 2005, 07:02
The number of Hardy´s taxicab.......

Buster Hyman
26th May 2005, 07:27
Ok then...a nice easy one....

What was Jenny's number?

26th May 2005, 13:27
867 5309

( I was in a band once....)

How 'bout this one: 630,500

(Hint: I am in groundschool at work....)

Onan the Clumsy
26th May 2005, 13:43
It's almost a famous number in Pensylvania


26th May 2005, 13:43
Max take-off weight of the MD-11.........

26th May 2005, 13:45
Glockengasse 4711 in Koln (Cologne)

I never realised it is an actual adress (http://www.4711.com/) until I walked passed it some months ago.

Lovely city :ok:

26th May 2005, 16:17
Tres bien, Messieur Orac....