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24th May 2005, 12:49
Slow day today.

The proonete rugby team [email protected] still circulating,
Loo reid. Attempt at toilet humour.. how about a fart joke? :rolleyes:
Rehashed pilot joke
finish the sentence
and a skoda joke.

All in all some pretty boring stuff. I wish I was allowed back into the Kylie thread.

Not much good material here. I'll check back in later on and see if the afternoon shift come up with anything "deliciously exciting" or whatever Binos called it.

24th May 2005, 12:53
I know the feeling Scrubed. Why don't you start another thread about what you want to talk about? Or you might revive one out of the stale pages.

24th May 2005, 13:28
I'd post one of Slasher's little gems from the past only I can't get into the secret place where I keep them from my work pc. Slash had this cat called Porky that had a fetish about his neighbour's piglets - but there are youngsters who read this forum so I shall say no more.

Thinking of Slash sent me back to the archives. Found this little thread which satisfactorily distracted me for the past few minutes.

24th May 2005, 14:45
You thought of starting a pilot's Blog Scruby? ;)

24th May 2005, 14:47
Funny you mention that. I had a very satisfying one earlier today.

24th May 2005, 14:48
And you're complaining about Loo reid. Attempt at toilet humour.. how about a fart joke?

24th May 2005, 14:57

Yes. I see your point.

However, I think you'll find Troll Rights include a provision for double standards.

24th May 2005, 16:03
:zzz: :zzz: :zzz: :zzz: :zzz: :zzz: :zzz:

25th May 2005, 18:20
For someone who appears to dislike PPRuNe and it's members so much you spend an awful lot of time on it...

You could always...leave?

Solid Rust Twotter
26th May 2005, 09:34

...And give up show business?:E :ok:

26th May 2005, 10:05
You thought of starting a pilot's Blog
"Imaginary pilot"'s blog I assume, becuase he sure ain't a pilot.

26th May 2005, 10:12
"Pot this is Kettle, over" *khishhhhhtt*

So how many hours have you logged on ya MS Flight Sim 2005, Mr. Lime Leaf?

If you only knew, IFTB, you poor poor man.

26th May 2005, 19:56
If you only knew...

Educate us...

26th May 2005, 22:09
Odd. I coulda sworn I wrote "fool" there, instead of "man" in that previous reference to lime leaf licker...


Still....... I am slightly inebriated as I read this....




Anyway Joe, the irnoy is one day, if the Gods of Aviation are kind to me, you will hear my dulcet tones welcoming you onboard and shiver as you wonder whether or not I am sober that day......


Scrubby's Conscience
26th May 2005, 22:18

This is fun, these buggahs bite darn easy. Good on nursey lowering the dosage today, I get to play with my friends again.

They do like to talk a lot of airplanes on this dried fruit forum. Who cares, let's have some fun.

Nursey, look I'm a pilot today

Where is nursey? Nurse, I'm better now, NURSE. . . . . .

26th May 2005, 22:50
Nice one Onan...........

Come one man, be a man. Talk to me. We can sort this out if you will only open up.

27th May 2005, 03:01
Scrubby - Jerricho baiting can be a good hobby if your finding things as fascinating as watching paint dry (90%).

whoops sorry for that I meant he is thistle-like, don't worry too much I think he can take it

27th May 2005, 03:05

I've done what now?

(People tell me I'm too much of a c**t to be a prick)