View Full Version : Petitions to BAN Jericho & Binos

23rd May 2005, 10:47


23rd May 2005, 10:52
What's the basis for this then?

Vankem Spankfaart
23rd May 2005, 11:01
Ban him from what?


The Invisible Man
23rd May 2005, 11:02
Since when do we need a basis for anything around here?

I agree, ban him :E

23rd May 2005, 11:14

23rd May 2005, 11:18
Wot u all bantering on about?

The Invisible Man
23rd May 2005, 11:18
Ok reason 1

Its Monday and he's probably in bed.... that good enough?

23rd May 2005, 11:18
Duh. Need I explain why? It is obvious for no reason other than I suggest it.

Vote NOW!!!!!

23rd May 2005, 11:30
Couldn't we have a referendum about having a vote first?!

I could have a word with President Chirac and see if he might be agreeable to tacking on a supplementary question on behalf of all ze French JBers...

The Invisible Man
23rd May 2005, 11:42
Can we possible include all the Jerricho clan in this ban
It being Monday, they are probably all in bed, and most with each other! Disgusting!


Get off the French now... vote yes!

Did I say French, I of course meant "fence"

tony draper
23rd May 2005, 11:45
French JBers??we have French JBers??:uhoh:

23rd May 2005, 11:46
I would normally have been inclined to sign but Jezza and I recently signed a treaty which compels me to join in on his side.

I guess beer is thicker than blood.

Conan The Barber
23rd May 2005, 11:53
I agree. Ban the fluff and elevator music merchant.

23rd May 2005, 11:57
Falps accused you lot of bullying Jerricho last time something like this happened.

It'll end in tears...

23rd May 2005, 11:58
Should we not award Jerricho some points first, before the ban?

The Invisible Man
23rd May 2005, 11:59
1000 points..... Ban !

23rd May 2005, 12:34
Bet everyone who gets speeding tickets wished they had 1,000 points...before a ban!

Solid Rust Twotter
23rd May 2005, 12:56

Banning's too good fer 'im! Boil him in syrup and serve when cool.....:E :ok:

Buster Hyman
23rd May 2005, 13:18
I think a yellow card should be sufficient.

Alternatively, we could just ban him from using consonants in his posts...

Devlin Carnet
23rd May 2005, 13:26
Yeah ban him,
He turned me into a newt!
Well.... I got better :O

tall and tasty
23rd May 2005, 13:51
errrrrrrr WHY? being a female and a blond one at that, surely before you ban someone you have to lay out the case in hand and let those who want to vote on it.

You can't just ban someone for the sake of it. But I know this is JB and anything is poss.

But I never agree to anything unless the cards are laid on the table and I can make up my own mind . :p


Biggles Flies Undone
23rd May 2005, 13:59
Only ban him if he drives a really tacky car like a Scoobie....

..... oh, hang on a tick...... :E

23rd May 2005, 14:26
This must be the only thread without Jerricho's contribution. A Milestone? Or is tobzalp (one of) his other nic(s)?

Solid Rust Twotter
23rd May 2005, 14:33
Think Tobzalp is his clone....

Clarence Oveur
23rd May 2005, 14:45
How does one make 7474 posts since the 5th of February 2003 and still have a life?

Or perhaps one doesn't.

23rd May 2005, 14:45
OK, I'll level with you all. I just happen to know that Jerricho's servitude to this forum once almost resulted in the collision of a VLIGCC (Very Large Inter-Galactic Crude Carrier) and a Jumbo jet out over Nova Scotia. OK, so they were travelling in different dimensions and everything, but that's not an excuse, JB is an International (if not multi-dimensional Pilot's forum) so he should have known better! All I can usefully suggest to you before banning the bloke, is that American V8s are not the only reason why we have wars over oil. Just ask your local BP, Exxon, ELF, Shell office about all the "offshore" and other "tax-free" sales...?! :confused:

23rd May 2005, 14:45
From someone who have been banned a lot of time by upper level ukaz, I can tell you it's a relaxing situation.

You are allowed plenty of free time .

You can even READ BOOKS, care for the children..........

Jerricho would be blessed.

23rd May 2005, 14:49
You feel "restfull" at this time Grandpa...? But please, let's have some more serious provocation first...?! :E

23rd May 2005, 14:52
What system are we using? Does everyone have one vote, or it is one vote per year of PPRuNe membership?

23rd May 2005, 14:55
Aunt Mary says that everyone gets 1 vote per post since the beginning...?! :E :uhoh:

Solid Rust Twotter
23rd May 2005, 14:56
I still say we should cook him and eat him....

23rd May 2005, 15:21
Let's marinade him in some yogurt and tandoori spices first?! I'll take a shoulder... ;)

23rd May 2005, 15:24
And "ban"ana him ? :confused:

23rd May 2005, 15:27
I say issue an ASBO to the man !!

23rd May 2005, 15:30
hmmmm..... Might be us taking the banana's direction.

Subject is "Jericho", not "Jerricho" :E

tony draper
23rd May 2005, 15:33
We used to aquire naughty boy points on Proon at one time, wonder what happened to that?, one had four at one time one believes.
One has reigned in ones natural zenophobic misanthropic misogomistic facist tendencies since.
One has mellowed

The Invisible Man
23rd May 2005, 15:43
Seem to remember our POST COUNTS being zeroed numerous times. ( See how unafraid I am to mention that )

Jerricho always stood back and let others take the flack, hence his 7000 odd posts. Other more daring PRuners never achieve more than a few hundred.

I brand the man a coward and demand revenge.

I'd suggest pistols at dawn but he never arises before mid-day.

Strange he hasn't been around today.... probably waiting for Falps to intervene and banish us to Admin Hell.

23rd May 2005, 15:51
One has mellowed... You're the best judge of that Drapes...! All things being equal though, on balance, are you sure you haven't just been adding weights willy-nilly or even as appropriate...?! :)

Krystal n chips
23rd May 2005, 15:57
Well Jerricho has my unstinting and unwavering support in this gross violation of human rights-------for a---cough ---" slight consideration" of course ---quite simple really--but like a solictor actually " I will defend you down to your last £ / $"---after that, your on your own ! :hmm:

Forgot to add that will back you to the hilt here Jerricho---- right to the hilt !:)

23rd May 2005, 16:04
We have Jerricho. If you're good, we'll let him have a word in.

In the meantime, stop flying to Canada for holidays. Stop the Canadian Clubbin'.

Or else, the next thread could be about you!

Signed and sealed.

23rd May 2005, 16:22
Yeah, ban the prick........... hang on.


How does one make 7474 posts since the 5th of February 2003 and still have a life?

2 words : Winnipeg Winter.

The Invisible Man
23rd May 2005, 16:26
Why.......why me?

Dunno really, just like talking about you whilst you weren't here;)

Your ears been burning?

23rd May 2005, 16:28
Yeah, I finally decide to sleep for once and I come back to find this.

Ban the fluff and elevator music merchant.

That hurts.

(Sorry I changed that on ya TIM)

23rd May 2005, 16:32
That's enough Jerricho!

Now, how much will any of you bid in order to free the Australian refugee?! A Canadian dollar is worth less than an American one BTW...

tony draper
23rd May 2005, 16:37
Hey! I used to drive round delivering the tapes for elevator and in store music!

23rd May 2005, 17:23
Ya gotta be sneakier than this. lets ban every one except Jerricho, that'll teach it!

P.S. Wots a Jerricho?:\

Conan The Barber
23rd May 2005, 17:26
I'm sure you did Mr. Draper, but I was referring to the contributions to this here fine forum by the gentleman in question, which can best be described as inconsequential background noise.

The Invisible Man
23rd May 2005, 17:27
Wots a Jerricho

Similar to a skunk :}

Only smellier.... from the Latin Jerricancoitusinteruptusalthetimeus

23rd May 2005, 17:30
What does his MIL say about this? Not a word from her yet.

tony draper
23rd May 2005, 17:37
Indeed twer it not for Jerrichos posting she would not have a life, I see Jerricho as a asset to this board.

23rd May 2005, 17:38
Thanks Tones.......I think

(Background noise is far less annoying than me Conan)

23rd May 2005, 17:55
Can't sign... Jerricho makes me laugh too much.

Although you do perhaps need to get out a bit more ;)

23rd May 2005, 18:23
I gotta have something to do while I wait for porn to download.

Did I say that out loud?

Standard Noise
23rd May 2005, 19:10
Nah, we have to keep'im, he's stikkinout!
Besides, he's the only person I know who makes me glad my MIL isn't from back home!:p

23rd May 2005, 20:37
I would not like to have Jerricho banned.

The fact that his family have exiled him to Canada is enough punishment. The fact he is in Winterpeg, is really rubbing salt into the wound.

His bro from planet Plazbot even fained going to Canada as well, just to get Jerricho's hopes up that his exile from our sunny Antipodean shores might soon come to an end.

Jerricho need not be banned, just left to ponder how much sunny surf he's missing while we the cursed Aussies, live our shallow lives in this sunburnt country.

Stay cool, Jerricho.

Cowabunga dude!

23rd May 2005, 20:43
The poor fellow is obviously being hounded unmercifully, is there NO refuge?
1) ancestors "deported" to the antpodes...
2) himself "removed" to Canuckstan..
3) and now, threatened with BANNING...
Maybe the French will take him:D

The Invisible Man
23rd May 2005, 20:48
Nein, wee nichts vant him.

Von Zee Invisible Manen

tony draper
23rd May 2005, 21:39
The French? one doubts it, he has not reached a sufficient depth of depravity for that.

23rd May 2005, 21:47
Ach leave the French out of it. I'm sure they are a bunch of wonderful people who would stick up for anyone in a fight :cool:
Surely Jerricho is not good enough for them? :}

23rd May 2005, 22:15
leave the French out of it. I'm sure they are a bunch of wonderful people who would stick up for anyone in a fight Guess that depends on who is winning, and of course how much oil you have. :ok: :E

23rd May 2005, 22:18
Less spamming, more banning!!!!!!!

23rd May 2005, 22:21
This matter should be debated in "the other place"

23rd May 2005, 22:27
[8:14:06 AM] plazbot says: let the banning begin
[8:19:04 AM] Jerricho says: yeah, thanks bitch
[8:19:16 AM] plazbot says: oh check my fab edits!!!!
[8:23:06 AM] Jerricho says: and what did i do to deserve this?
[8:23:59 AM] plazbot says: ahahahahahaahah. I am mighty.
[8:24:06 AM] plazbot says: boredom is a wonderful thing
[8:24:12 AM] Jerricho says: a might tool
[8:24:17 AM] plazbot says: n't
[8:24:23 AM] Jerricho says: uh huh
[8:24:26 AM] plazbot says: nuh uh
[8:24:53 AM] Jerricho says: yeah, like a biig tool with laser beams

See!!! Proof!!!! BAN ASAP!!

23rd May 2005, 22:29
Pitty you didn't include the rest of it........

23rd May 2005, 22:31
Ok then

[8:24:55 AM] Jerricho says: Damn Plazbot you are so cool and handsome and I wish I was more like you because you are cool and handsome

23rd May 2005, 22:35
[8:25:58 AM] Jerricho says: Christ........I am p*ssed

Buster Hyman
23rd May 2005, 23:16
[8:26:13 AM] Tobzalp says: Well, at least your hands are warm tonight....

23rd May 2005, 23:38
**Opens thread door and chucks another grenade in to contribute to the festivities, but then realises the hounds are doing a ‘plenty’ good enough job.**

‘Waste of a good grenade…’


24th May 2005, 00:14
Awww crap,

They're all coming out of the woodwork now :rolleyes:

24th May 2005, 00:20
and why in the name of GOD have I been banned off the Training Forum......just because I had a go at Birky and prunster (who's left-hand seat will be up his ar*e if I ever get my hands on him!) :E

galaxy flyer
24th May 2005, 00:29
Ban Jerricho?? And how is that different from being sent to Winnipeg? Anyone from Brizzy who voluntarily enters exile there cannot be further punished. Portage & Main, a Canadian's idea of chilly.


24th May 2005, 02:53
How could you consider banning someone whose name sounds like mine?

OK, Jer, back into the woodwork I go...


24th May 2005, 05:50
Wha's wrong with Winterpeg..? Wuz nice and sunny when I were there. . . in July.
Met a luvverly Irish gel. . . in Winterpeg. . . played golf even. . . the WAG's far out . . . spent Canada Day outside of a pretty impressive building downtown. . . heard 'Jeux Interdit" at the Forks. . .


. . . wanna go back, now. . .
jerricho. . . errmm... can I come and stay.. . .?

24th May 2005, 06:09
Awww crap,

For use of such appalling language. Smearing the good name of Pprune, polluting the cyber highway. The defendant shall apply all method and cleaning materials, in such a manner, that it is evident that his earlier actions were inappropriate.
Following these interventions, the defendent shall be honour bound to infinitely, clean up his act.

24th May 2005, 06:19

24th May 2005, 07:49
[8:26:25 AM] Jerricho sayz: Why am I talking to myself?

Solid Rust Twotter
24th May 2005, 07:51
I still say it's [email protected]#%&ng retarded...

Cook him and eat him!

Onans Girlfriend
24th May 2005, 08:02
This is terrible, I cannot stand by and let you persecute Jerricho in this manner. He has done nothing wrong ( apart from the odd smutty comment)

This campaign must stop because one day he may just take your advice and leave. He adds colourful comment, charm and wit, and I for one, would be sad to see him go.

I have not been posting long on JB and am still finding my feet here, but its now time to stand up and be counted.


24th May 2005, 08:27
Mr. Twotter, I am appalled at your suggestion that we cook and eat Jerricho. Normally, your culinary postings are far more detailed than this. Come on, let's have a recipe, a list of side dishes and suggestions for the wine.

If we are going to do a job, let's do it properly.

Onans Girlfriend
24th May 2005, 08:34

Found this at Jerrichos Tennis club

Jericho Quesadilla
A whole wheat tortilla filled with roasted red peppers, black beans and goat cheese served with salsa, sour cream and guacamole.
With grilled chicken add $2

Sounds nice :ugh:

Or this

Jericho Chicken Burger
Grilled 5 oz. breast of chicken, bacon, crisp lettuce, fresh tomato, guacamole and Swiss cheese

Krystal n chips
24th May 2005, 08:37
Washed down with Yates Wine Lodge finest Aussie White I assume ? :hmm:

Solid Rust Twotter
24th May 2005, 08:40
Stuff him with beer and bacon, an apple in the North end and a parsnip in the South end to plug the holes, then do gently over an open fire for around four hours.

Dispatching him first would be optional.... :E

(Can't believe I'm writing stuff like this...) :ooh: :sad:

24th May 2005, 12:56
Perhaps we could skin him whole and reduce him to billtong... :ooh:

24th May 2005, 19:51
Don't know the fella, but ban him:p

24th May 2005, 19:57
Gerry who?

Don't know the man.

Ban him and black ball him, just for good measure.:E

24th May 2005, 20:12
It's Gerry Coe younger brother to Sebastian..

24th May 2005, 20:44

What a waste of beer , bacon, apple and parsnip!

From his disclosed "drop" weight, there ain't enough of him!:rolleyes:

24th May 2005, 21:14
Who's to say that Jerricho is actually Jerricho and not some shady Kaiser Soze type hiding in the background?

In fact he could be me, he could be Scrubed, he could be IB4138! He could even be Onan's Girlfriend:E

Got a headache now, need to lie down.

25th May 2005, 07:00
enough of this Gerrymandering and Jerricho will have the last vengeful laugh, years from now, pushing over the walkers of everyone as they hobble away at all speed. . .

Seagoon! Load numbers 2 and 3 sausage tubes! Splunge them in the wors way!

yeah. . . yeah. . . hat. . .coat. . . Slam!

25th May 2005, 08:52
Turn him into a French Morris Sutter for all I care.

Onans Girlfriend
25th May 2005, 09:05
He could even be Onan's Girlfriend

Big difference between said person and myself.

One of us has feminine tendences, wear skirts, stockings and high heels.

Then there is me!:(

The Real Slim Shady
25th May 2005, 09:26
Why ban Middle Eastern towns?

Why not somewhere in Alabama? Ozark?

Or Cheshunt, which isn't in Alabama, for not being in Alabama.

Or Nempnett Thrubwell for just ...........?

25th May 2005, 11:26
and the walls come tumbling down, eh? :rolleyes:

21st Sep 2005, 23:20
How come this never got off the deck?????

Ban him!
Ban him!
Ban him! :E

22nd Sep 2005, 00:05
My dear friends, we cannot ban Jerricho.

For he is as the English weather, the Daily Mail, the White Van Man, the George W Bush, the German sense of humour, and Hollywood's historical accuracy.

Through heaping derision and scorn upon these things, we derive great succor.

Without them, and the relief we gain, we would be as lost as the two year old without the blanket.

22nd Sep 2005, 00:28
Admin sticky this please.

22nd Sep 2005, 00:57
I like Jerricho, so I think we should keep him. He's good value and if we get rid of him, our Pineapple BrisVegas Bash in January won't be the same.

22nd Sep 2005, 01:11
How did this thread come back to life? And whatever did happen to Scrubed?

I say keep him (I need all the allies I can get).

22nd Sep 2005, 01:37
I, shamelessly, have brought it back to life!!!! :E :p


22nd Sep 2005, 01:40
Pourquoi? He's alright.

For an Aussie:E (hard hat on).

Solid Rust Twotter
22nd Sep 2005, 05:44
He's a witch!

Burn him........:E

22nd Sep 2005, 05:59
He's a witch!

Yep, weighs more than a duck.

Standard Noise
22nd Sep 2005, 08:23
No, he can't be banned, for that would leave him at the mercy of his MIL. Now, regardless of how much some pruners might relish that thought as suitable punishment for him, if he were to be banned, we'd never get to hear the result!:}:ouch:

Onans Girlfriend
22nd Sep 2005, 08:58
Why dont you all pick on someone your own size, this is so unfair.

Give me 5 good reasons while this poor innocent victim should be banned, he has done nothing.


I'm with you babe x

22nd Sep 2005, 09:01
Ahahahahaha, Farrell. GOLD.

Right Click, Save As,

I'll be seeing that later.

So did you all hear that he said he does no care if he gets banned becuase he will just start his own website called


He thinks it will mostly be of interest to the Jet Blast types. I think it is just a cry for help.

22nd Sep 2005, 09:06
What a waste of ban-width.... :rolleyes:

tall and tasty
22nd Sep 2005, 09:07
This is so cruel think it should have stayed in the archives.......... especially for all the hard work he is doing to try and help his friend Rob out of a sticky work situation.

TnT ;)

22nd Sep 2005, 12:36
Poor Jerricho. Let him stay, his poor MIL drives him to it you know. I understand, poor lamb:p

Solid Rust Twotter
22nd Sep 2005, 12:42

He's not a sex object, you know....:E :rolleyes:

The Invisible Cat
22nd Sep 2005, 13:45
One's quite puzzled by the fact that none of his relatives has posted in JB for a while, except the apostrophe-less Jerrichos MIL.

Mebbe they've been banned from JB
If so, why not the MIL ?
'nother case of two wheights ?
Or do the mods know more about the MIL than we do ?
Or mebbe the MIL knows summat about the mods
:E :} :uhoh:

22nd Sep 2005, 14:07
There's no point. Putin will veto this. :}

22nd Sep 2005, 17:44
Hang on, try to ban 'ol jerr, and he scores with a sympathy vote with Onan's girlfriend.. typical.

22nd Sep 2005, 20:24
Roquefort ban is over now in Australia.............

So may I suggest we stop banning Jerricho from JB............?

22nd Sep 2005, 21:37

22nd Sep 2005, 21:42
You can't ban Jerricho.

I can't believe Tobzalp would even suggest it.

BTW, what ever happened to Adam West?

22nd Sep 2005, 22:05
Aw come on folks........ be kind.......

After all he's living in


22nd Sep 2005, 22:34
Adam West........

"Hey now, you're a porn star, get yer game on, go hey"

Solid Rust Twotter
23rd Sep 2005, 10:50
How about it, Mods?

Unban Jerricho's extended family.

You know you want to.....:E

23rd Sep 2005, 18:05

I go away gor a couple of days and come back to this AGAIN!!!!

Plaz, you is in deep crap mate.

23rd Sep 2005, 18:32
I thought that people wot issued threats on JB got banned?

Go on Mods - you know you want to:E

23rd Sep 2005, 18:35
Threatening your own brother doesn't count.

I think.

23rd Sep 2005, 21:30

23rd Sep 2005, 22:19
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

23rd Sep 2005, 22:40
You stay out of this young Weebl.

23rd Sep 2005, 22:44
you are so getting banned!

long live the popular vote!!:p

Kaptin M
23rd Sep 2005, 22:49
Prior to banning Jerricho, would it not be appropriate to first have him NEUTERED (his MIL pm'd me with that idea...) "Dearest Kaptin M, I fear another Winnipeg Winter will only further increase the possibility that that man will succeed in implanting a fertile spawn in my beloved daughter's body.
Admiringly yours,
Je..Jer...that man's MIL.

BAN him http://www.kgov.com/gallery/20010911/Tali-BanDeoderant.jpg

23rd Sep 2005, 23:05
Kapt M that's reeeelly funneeee! :D

Tali Ban - Osama Strength. Very good. :E :E

I say let's keep him .......... he's sweet. :yuk:

23rd Sep 2005, 23:13

24th Sep 2005, 01:01

Kaptin M
27th Sep 2005, 13:43

He's now attempting to raise himself from a mere plebescite here on the plebsite, Jet Blast, to a Moderator extraordinaire.
See here (click here >BINOS bid for immortality on PPRuNe (http://pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=191742)

Not good enough are we lowly maggots, eh?

Well from now on, it's the rough end of The Pineapple for YOU.
You usurper!!


All in favour - add your filthiest comment(s)!!

Biggles Flies Undone
27th Sep 2005, 13:47
He said it here (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=191600&perpage=20&pagenumber=2) as well!

And this from a bloke who decided that the TRAB threads were too cliquey!

Double standards? Shome mishtake shurely :p

27th Sep 2005, 14:19
Do we have a VETO here?! :cool:

27th Sep 2005, 14:28

27th Sep 2005, 14:32
Do we have a quorum?

I just spilt my coffee laughing, Farrell!

The Invisible Man
27th Sep 2005, 14:44
Can we combine the two threads please... Ban e'm both I say

27th Sep 2005, 15:23

There appears to be consensus among the eggs

27th Sep 2005, 15:30

The Invisible Man
27th Sep 2005, 15:30
Is there anyone else that needs banning I wonder......

TnT maybe for being stunning (so I hear), clever and good fun.

My mate Airship just for being who he is.

Onan just because he funny.

Who else.... mmmmm.... let me think...

27th Sep 2005, 15:33
Next on the list Invisible Guy for sucking up.


27th Sep 2005, 15:40
One wondered what the source of all those erections were when one had not taken any Viagra: TIM... :O

Krystal n chips
27th Sep 2005, 15:45
It's ok Jerricho----I'll back you to the hilt mate----right to the hilt :E :ok:

As for Binos's ---well sorry but he's a bit like BEagle in many respects--quite venerable--sometimes right, sometimes off at a tangent--never short of an opinion however---so he gets my support----strictly for cash / alcohol and the sourcing of nubile females for my gratification---otherwise--TOUGH ! :E

"trust me---I'm a gider pilot" :rolleyes:

Jerrichos MIL
27th Sep 2005, 15:50
In spite of the genetic problems, that Tobzalp guy is kind of growing on me .... :E :E :E

I bet he'd let me smoke in his house. Kisssssssssss

The Invisible Man
27th Sep 2005, 15:52
I still love you ya know.... when can we walk out together? I have missed you so!

Jerrichos MIL
27th Sep 2005, 15:57
I'm an uptown upbeat girl ... you're a downtown downbeat guy ... it'd never last ;)

The Invisible Man
27th Sep 2005, 16:00
How can you be so sure you saucy tinker?

If I can use my influence and have "HIM " banned for a day, would you grace me with your favours?

27th Sep 2005, 16:31
hahahah pipersfather.......classic!! :ok:

27th Sep 2005, 16:43
Welcome to my world Binos...............

27th Sep 2005, 23:16
:uhoh: :uhoh:

:confused: :confused: :confused:

27th Sep 2005, 23:27
You'd better watch it mate.

Next thing you know your bloody MIL will be here.

Chief Chook
27th Sep 2005, 23:38
You watch your mouth sonny.

Christopher, if I catch you in the same room with Jerricho again, I'll ban you from driving to Eungela with my daughter for one month.

Out you go, shoosh shoosh shoosh - the pair of you.

27th Sep 2005, 23:41
Interesting that the two ban-ees are both Australians... We're not all troublemakers..

27th Sep 2005, 23:42
But, but..... I buried you last year, you old bat. So bugger off. :{

(err, Chook that is, not you gucci :O )

27th Sep 2005, 23:51
Christopher, if I catch you in the same room with Jerricho again

Oh the irony, eh Binos ;)

28th Sep 2005, 00:03
I vote we keep them both.... there are only two like them in the entire universe, why break up a set?:ok:

28th Sep 2005, 02:59
I'm sure there are more back on their home planet!

Kaptin M
28th Sep 2005, 04:22
why break up a set?They were broken before this thread started - or at the very least, quite bent. :uhoh:

28th Sep 2005, 05:38
It's just that when they get too close you have "critical mass" to worry about! ;)

28th Sep 2005, 05:56
Mummy, why are these people being so mean to me? :{

28th Sep 2005, 06:01
No - Binos has to stay.

If he leaves, who else will supply silly wrong answers to Music Quiz questions? :E :E :E :E

Just Joking Bino's....................you get my vote :ok: :ok: :ok:

Buster Hyman
28th Sep 2005, 07:44
Hmmm...the less Queenslanders the better I say!:E

28th Sep 2005, 09:11
Bloody Mexicans :*

Buster Hyman
28th Sep 2005, 11:59
Oh I wholeheartedly agree sprocket! Those Mexicans immediately south of the QLD border can go as well, you know the ones, the Aussie cricket team is full of them!;)

7th Dec 2005, 08:24
This thread has almost disappeared into the archives!

Thankfully, it has been rescued.

It gets more and more urgent as time goes on. One only has to look at the recent "hoarders" thread for proof. :p

Onan the Clumsy
7th Dec 2005, 12:25
I can see a "Petition to ban Farrell" on its way :E