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Cyclic Hotline
22nd May 2005, 22:48
This is an absolutely incredible selection of video footage shot from a Golden Eagle. Absolutely amazing!

Discovery (http://media.animal.discovery.com/convergence/spyonthewild/birdtech/birdtech.html?ct=1329.15073148073)

tony draper
22nd May 2005, 23:08
Facinating indeed,I have a tiny colour radio camera about half the size of a matchbox that generates a very acceptable 320 line TV picture, fixed same to Small White Hounds harness and sent him forth,hee hee, interesting to see the world from a pooches point of view.
As someone who has been involved with CCTV cameras for years the technology is amazing doesn't seem that long ago to me that the smallest CCTV cameras were about the size of a shoe box.

23rd May 2005, 00:05
WOW. Now that is incredible. That dogfight bit is unreal. Stunning.

Thanks for the link, amazing stuff. :ok:

Capn Notarious
23rd May 2005, 06:20
Mr Draper, would one of them camera's work inside a bird box and what current voltage do the draw? Thanks

tony draper
23rd May 2005, 07:57
The camera itself work off one of those small all purpose 9v batteries Captin but a good 9v power supply is also ok, but rather defeats the purpose, the reciever stated the same, but I got better results with a good regulated 12 V PSU ,the Camera is actually 40mm x 30mm x 20 mm, the stated range is only 200 meters but not tried it that far away yet, it certainly transmits ok from next door.
Dunno how long a battery would last ,prolly only a couple of hours.
Incidently I got this kit off Ebay for 9 quid,robbing bastige charged 4 quid post though.