View Full Version : Is it me or can't singers sing anymore!?

PPRuNe Pop
21st May 2005, 21:13
I was tonight the 'victim' of the dreadful EuroVision Song contest. Family and friends here to watch too!

But what has occured to me lately, and Pop Idol is the same, that none of the singers can sing songs that are recognisable anymore!! :eek:

Why do they SHOUT a song? Maybe I am getting too old and don't understand the goings on of the music world these days. But hells bells it is rubbish! :{ :{ :{

21st May 2005, 21:19
My lovely horse, running through the field

Where are you going, with your fetlocks blowing in the wind?

I want to shower you with sugar lumps, and ride you over fences

Polish your hooves every single day, and bring you to the horse dentist

My lovely horse, you’re a pony no more

Running around with a man on your back, like a train in the night...

:ok: :E

21st May 2005, 21:26
Is it me or can't singers sing anymore!?
No, it's you. You can't sing anymore!!

The Spanish entry, bless 'em, was truly dreadful. Totally flat. I had worked out that the song was in the key of Dmajor and started to accompany them on the guitar. I was in tune with the musicians but the singers weren't in tune with either of us!!

But, in all fairness, I thought the general standard was quite high and some good singers there.



tony draper
21st May 2005, 22:12
Well it helps if yer voice is processed through half a million quids worth of electronics in the recording studios,there they extract the best bits out of twenty takes, clag it together, digitize it, tweek it to smooth out any flats sharps warbles and croaks in the voice, and bobs yer thingy,lay it down as the master,and print loadsa CDs this is why they all mine to tape when on the telly.

21st May 2005, 23:37
As Signor Drapuuuur has said;

electronics has a lot to answer for. After all they are all used to working with pitch-correctors that remove those 'embarassing moments'

Surely though it has to be the decline in live music, thankfully now in a process of reversal, that fed our offspring with the manufactured output of 'artists' that had not served their time and learned their craft treading the boards of the pubs, clubs and civic halls of the land.


22nd May 2005, 08:52
Watching MTV and it's clones I sometimes think that modern music dosn't have to sound good any more - it only has to look good.


henry crun
22nd May 2005, 09:20
You are right Heatseeker.

Judging by what I see on my television it is all presentation and no substance.

22nd May 2005, 10:43
What I find more sinister than the awful caberet artists showcased in this event is the blatant anti-UK stance of much of europe which is most likely a fall out from our involvement in Iraq. I thought music and sport competition was supposed to transcend all that BS but just goes go to show the mentality I guess.... Basically, the more countries you boarder the more chance you have.

All the acts looked like tribute bands. We had Iggy Pop from Albania, Guns and Roses from Norway, AC/DC, and the Beach Boys as a backing band.... what a crock! Wogans dry sarcasm was the only real reason for watching once again as he devoured his annual bottle of Baileys! The highlight was the body artist who performed in the interval. At least he had more than a modicum of talent - he was wasted at that gig!


Maple 01
22nd May 2005, 12:02
What should come under scrutiny is the way that Ireland managed to weasel their way out of the bun-fight. I suspect (as exposed by ‘Father Ted’ a hard hitting documentary) that RTE fixed the auditions so that a bunch of no-hopers got through so they couldn't possibly win and wouldn't have to host the show next year

I think Ireland should be one of the automatic entries - that will sort out their economic miracle!

22nd May 2005, 15:55
I think you'll find that as most songs being churned out these days by MTV et al are actually cover versions/remakes of what were excellent songs to begin with, a copy is nearly never as good as the original.

(Christ, I sound like my old man......... crap.)

22nd May 2005, 16:29
:) Dear Old Sing Along,

Without going into a long and elongated history of music and opera in specific; why do you not, perchance, up your euphonic stakes.

In the present day, shall we try, as singers:

Placido Dimongo.
Piero Cappuccelli.
Ileana Cotrubas.
Nicolai Ghiaurove. Guess from whose thighs he might have sprung?

Et al:

Bye the bye; who was that very brave man, the name of whom might conjure to some of your minds, that of a well renowned Porsche?
He vanquished cancer and returned to a tumultuous and rapturously much deserved applause.

(Bonne chance, La Minogue!)

Your collective problem is not with music but simply with the mashed morass of cacaphonic jumble with which some amongst you might choose to amuse themselves. You may note that I do not use the word: Jungle'. A Zulu Gum Boot Dance is exceptionally hard to beat. I commend it to any and all.

Now: Whoopsie, again. I am off to Montevideo soon to aid in the recovery of Kapitan H L's beautiful warship. So cruelly deceived in war and so magnificently sacrificed with so many lives saved in the consequence..:(

tony draper
22nd May 2005, 16:44
Can't be much of that ship left to recover Mr C sailed past where she lays a couple of times, all we could see was a couple of wreck bouys,waters no very deep there, but exceedingly muddy.

22nd May 2005, 18:48
electronics has a lot to answer for.

If you speak with people who record singers for a living, they'll tell you that there is a whole generation of "vocalists" who've been brought up during the "Auto Tune" era (AT being the hardware box / software package that corrects pitch digitally, now used in live shows as well... First released mid '90s).

In the same way that birds are mimicking mobile 'phone tones, this generation are mimicking Auto Tune artefacts (think of a less exaggerated version of that song by Cher).


22nd May 2005, 19:10
Full fathom five thy father lies
of his bones are coral made.
Mud preserves.
It's the romance and the make believe..;)

22nd May 2005, 20:52
And don't forget all the drums, seems like every "singer" had a drumband this year. :yuk:

Arrghhh....the drums! the drums!

22nd May 2005, 21:08
As I think Wierd Al Yankovic said .... " Rock'nRoll was made for kids who couldn't sing very well - Rap was made for kids who can't sing at all...."

tony draper
22nd May 2005, 22:06
Or speak English!

22nd May 2005, 23:55
Was cruel to 13 yo, doof doof listening son on the weekend.....
Forced him to listen to the Platters and the Drifters on our way to his cricket match :E

Within 5 minutes, he was singing along and agreeing with the premise of this thread :} Modern 'pop artists' can't sing :D

One up for the grumpy old men :ok:

23rd May 2005, 00:06
Why do they SHOUT a song? Maybe I am getting too old and don't understand the goings on of the music world these days. But hells bells it is rubbishAnd kids had more respect for their elders, never spoke back, could play on the streets until dark without fear of... blah blah, no one sued anyone else for anything......... etc etc etc!!!

Thanks Grandpa Simpson!

PS MTV is purely R&B CRAP these days. Not music.

23rd May 2005, 01:11
hells bells it is rubbish
....oh, I quite like AC/DC for some primal therapy relaxation.....:}

Tonic Please
23rd May 2005, 02:10
Today, it's all bollocks. :yuk: :yuk: :yuk: :yuk:

Singers cant sing and know nothing
Drummers can't drum and known nothing
Guitar players cant play guitar and known nothing
'Keys' players cant play keyed instruments and known nothing
Bass players cant play bass and know nothing


Singers :yuk: Make them sing all 12 keys, by voice, major, minor and with a flatten fifth...Wouldnt have a bloody clue

Drummers :yuk: Make them do polyrhytms, anything that isnt 4/4 tim signature or to use brishes. Wouldn't have a bloody clue

Guitarists :yuk: Play blues in 6 keys, not use that damned capo for once..instead use alternate fingering. An advanced assortment of chords and scales, and with speed. Wouldn't have a bloody clue.

Keyers :yuk: Do guitarists tests but with notes. In addition, do parallel arpeggios, bit of jazz perhaps? Have knowledge on chords and scales and ability to read music somewhat more than 10 chords and 3 note positions.

Bass players :yuk: Play more than one note during 1 minute. They jump around bashing out one sodding note coz the key and chord structure of the song is so limited they have nowhere to go. Of course, if they knew anything they'd decorate it using various means.


25th May 2005, 02:38
PS MTV is purely R&B CRAP these days. Not music. I loved R & B when it was Rythm & Blues and the singers had a sense of humour.

Or at least a sense of irony...

The Stones did R & B in their early days, not bad for a bunch of white guys. They couldn't sing either.

Unlike the Yardbirds...

25th May 2005, 07:36
You are all forgetting that singing is not important to today's 'music' consumers. I have two 'music' consumers living in my house, aged 11 and 16. To them, image is everything. As long as Britney and Christina are trying to out-slut each other in their respective videos, the actual sound coming out of the speakers is of secondary importance.

That being said, I notce something of an increase in 'proper' bands with those new fangled electric guitars and stuff. The vocalists can't sing, true, but it is a step in the right direction...

25th May 2005, 11:00
I honestly can't stand some of that crap on the music channels!!

I can flick through them all up and down over and over and nothing decent comes on in an hour, and when it does it's usually followed by all the channels playing bloody ringtone adds at the same time but slightly behind each other, so you can flick through and hear the same sentence again and again!!

Flip Flop Flyer
25th May 2005, 11:35
Agree with Cheerio and Cooda, and actually practice what they preach. My 8 year old daughter is blessed with a mommy who thinks that George Michael is the pinnacle of rhytmic performance. I beg to differ, and as a consequence thereof is serving a mixed dish of Beethoven, Brahms, Bach, Bartok and Beatles when she's under my guard. Topped off with a spot of Dire Straits, Springsteen and Stones for the Rock n' Roll; Rammstein, AC/DC, Motörhead and Van Halen for the heavy input; Billy Holiday and Louis Armstrong for, well you know what and the Rat Pack for pure musical pleasure.

I also read her the "classics" (Dickenson, H.C. Andersen, Grimm, Dumas etc) as a counter balance to the Disney crap the youth are spoon fed these days.

Not surprisingly, the little brat is turning out to be a right decent person with a very broad taste and who constantly amazes her mates with her varied supply of music. But, I'm sure that whenever I'm out or she's with her mom it's MTV and "Let's Dance Vol. 985".

Incidentially, I discontinued watching very much in the way of TV a couple of years ago. The Eurovision Song Contest, however, I dished more than a decade ago. It's generally an insult to my ears!

Finally, albeit I don't turn on the box myself one cannot avoid catching just a glimpse of the crap broadcasted today. I've come to the conclusion that music videos are basically porn videos of very pure quality (they are a) clothed and b) don't do it). I prefer my porn either live and as a participant, or at the very least uncensored and with close-ups. :E

25th May 2005, 12:03
You lot just listen to the wrong sort of music.

Vienna Teng, Dar Williams, Lucy Kaplansky, Hayley Westenra, Joss Stone......

25th May 2005, 12:33
What should come under scrutiny is the way that Ireland managed to weasel their way out of the bun-fight. I suspect (as exposed by ‘Father Ted’ a hard hitting documentary) that RTE fixed the auditions so that a bunch of no-hopers got through so they couldn't possibly win and wouldn't have to host the show next year

LOL Spot on Maple - the paddy entry was truly awful!!!

However, as Orac says - if you're looking for real music and decent singers - I think you will be terribly disappointed if you expect to find either at the Eurovision... :rolleyes:

tony draper
25th May 2005, 14:24
Some would maintain that the greatest music was written long before the Electric Guitar, Synth or even recording made the scene, and the greatest literature written with a quill.

25th May 2005, 18:11
I guess you don't listen to the right bands. We just went to see Keane for the second time last week, they were great. That guy can really sing :ok: