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21st May 2005, 11:21
Having just spent over a week without access to the internet, I feel I should warn you all of what the hell BT are up to at the moment.

I'm with Wanadoo, and a week past Thursday my net stopped working. Having phoned Tech support in Bangalore, India a million times I was about to rip someones heart out as they had no idea what the hell was wrong. BT claimed it was their problem yet they could not give me any information since wanadoo are my service provider. FINALLY I found out 2 days ago that BT are upgrading their systems in order to provide a better service (oh the irony of it all).

Anyone else been having "error 721" recently?? I'm dreading the phone bill coming in :{

rant over

21st May 2005, 11:25
Had problems here as well, not impressed in the slightest, certain people were devestated not to have access to my glowing wit. :}

Capn Notarious
21st May 2005, 11:39
I had a similiar with British Telecomunications and I speak in their defence.
When the fault was eventually discovered, it transpired that the "\ The linecard/" had gone wrong.
Throughout the time I had 5 maybe more conversations with helpful fault tracers, because initially all seemed in order at their end of the line.
On principal, my ISP has to remain BT in the foreseeable future.
Do you have a response?

21st May 2005, 11:46
Yep, I was also fed the "linecard" story. Nothing else to say. Wanadoo will still charge me a full month even though they didn't provide a service for a quarter of that, and BT will still charge me for my national rate phone calls to wanadoos call centre in the middle east. (7 in total, and and extra 2 to BT).

Maude Charlee
21st May 2005, 12:09
Well ever since BT 'upgraded' my broadband service free of charge to 2GB (or whatever the hell it is), it has crashed at least once every session I have on the web. And I can't be bothered complaining as I'm already fed up to the back teeth of bloody cold calling from their flaming Indian bloody call centre, and I don't want to talk to any more of them.:*

21st May 2005, 12:29

The key I think is to phone something like "billing information" which are normally based in the UK, then say "oops, sorry, i pressed the wrong option. could you put me through to tech support please?"....and they'll probably put you into tech support based in the UK.

Good luck

PS, my email is running verrrrry slow today.

21st May 2005, 12:30
I must be lucky, went to high speed broadband with BT about six months ago and not had any problems yet!!

Capn Notarious
21st May 2005, 17:32
Ah cyclicmicky, you know when to apply carb heat and not get in a vortex wake!!!!

21st May 2005, 19:10

Fed up with call charges? If you have an inclusive package, and they are quite common now, try phoning the local geographical number. You can get them from the web. Try www.saynoto0870.com. There are three alternatives for Wanadoo

0870 numbers are not as cheap as we are led to believe and being as you spend ages just waiting for call centres to pick up the line it soon mounts up. Its bloody deliberate if you ask me as the call centres get a cut of the phone charges.:*

tu chan go
21st May 2005, 21:51
Maude Charlee

I had a problem recently with my broadband and while the BT engineer was here fixing it, he told me that if my ISP upgraded me to a service which was too big, my system would crash as the phone line could not handle it. Try asking to be downgraded to a 1MB service instead of the 2MB one. That may cure your problem.

21st May 2005, 22:44

Brilliant website there. I'll be keeping that one in my bookmarks.

Cheers :ok:

21st May 2005, 22:46
wanadoo in france is miles better.....france telecom in general are great!

it always amazes me how when they say that they will do something for me at a particular time......that they actually do it!!

france is loads bigger than the UK.....why can't BT get it right?? :rolleyes:

22nd May 2005, 07:05
Ahhh , Captain Too bloody right!!
Keep the heat on and stay away from Thomson Jets arse ends!!
That way my little 22 doesn't scare me too much.