View Full Version : The Eurovision Song Contest 2005

21st May 2005, 08:25
Well, it would'nt be JB if we didn't have our annual eurotrash thread, would it?

Tonight's the night, girls and boys. -witness for yourselves the eccentricities of the cosmopolitan, eclectic mixture of happy, talented, colourful individuals attempting to uphold the honour of their country.

All well and good until they start to sing. :(

21st May 2005, 08:27
Enjoy. At least we don't have to put up with it here.


tony draper
21st May 2005, 08:40
Just as well BD, you Pods only know one song, that one about Matilda swimmin in the billybongs or summat.


21st May 2005, 08:56
At least the Football season ends today.
And do we get to see The Henley Regatta or any other yachting: more chance of seeing radio controlled sail boats on the municipal pond, arriving there by Shank's pony.
I blame television and its reduced diversity.

21st May 2005, 08:57
It's OK BD .

I will record the extraviganca for you and send the tape.:uhoh:

It will be posted in usual plain brown envelope.

Lord Grumpy

You are a week out on the end of the football season in the UK.
The playoff finals take place over next weekend.:D

Another 3 weeks to go here in Spain.:ok:

Krystal n chips
21st May 2005, 09:13
To qote from the erudite :p opinions of both Onan and Jerricho

FA Cup in the afternoon


Eurothing in the evening

= BoŁŁocks ! :bored:

21st May 2005, 09:47
I lost heart in it last year, in fact it's turned me into quite a Euro-sceptic in one way or another...all that blatant political voting just isn't the British way old bean.

That said, I'll probably sink a couple of wines, turn the bloody box on and watch the same old drivel...if nothing else at least Terry Wogan keeps you smiling.

21st May 2005, 09:52
Does ABBA still perform in the Euro thingy?

21st May 2005, 10:11
BBC1 today...........

FA Cup Final .......4hrs15mins + 50mins highlights.

Eurovision Pong Contest.......3hrs20mins.

I don't just want a refund of my TV License Fee.......I demand compensation! :mad:

21st May 2005, 10:38
I'll be watching the ScandoSlaviGreek voting thing tonight :E

I'm going to be observing events over the net using a VOIP-link with friend in Bulgaria... we are indeed looking forward to an evening of unbridled p*ss taking.

Unfortunately. their hopefuls lost out in the semis - pity, they were quite good (http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio2/eurovision/2005/contestants/)... not least because their video appears to have been shot in an a/c filled hangar!

I've advised my friend that they need to change tactic next year - it seems no-one appreciates proficient musicians any more, so I suggested they go for one of their multitude of female solo female pop singers, for example the magnificently plastic-breasted Gergana (http://www.bgparty.de/images/gergana2.jpg) - I'm sure she'll fit the bill perfectly :D

Jinxy ;)