View Full Version : When is this weekend in EuroLand

20th May 2005, 23:13
A bit of a strange title, but......

Does anybody know when the weekend officially begins??

I filed a flightplan today to EuroControl only to get re-routed because it was a busy Friday, so EuroControl had decided that the weekend started at 1000z on Friday.

I tried to keep it quiet at work in case everybody decided to get up and go home, but when does the weekend finish. I hope it's around 1430z on wednesday!!

Does anyone know how long this weekend will last???

20th May 2005, 23:33
From experience when trying to contact German suppliers, the weekend there officially commences at midday Friday. My weekend usually ends by about midday Sunday. By then, I've already started having withdrawal symptoms... :{

21st May 2005, 04:09
All I know is that they don't like to have meetings on Wednesdays because it ruins both weekends for them! :E

21st May 2005, 15:41
Shiftworkers don't have weekends......it's great.

21st May 2005, 18:37
unclenelli..... with regard to the 'weekend' . Most weekends at this time of the year ie. spring summer , see weekend routings start on a Friday at 1000 over central Europe . It's all to do with agreements as to when they stop playing soldiers - also an early- go for them . I think the dates/times are published on the Eurocontrol CFMU website - qf Google . ( sorreee don't have the address to hand ).