View Full Version : Langkawi Aerospace flying academy(New name : Hm aerospace)

20th May 2005, 15:14
hey for those who like to enter flying school with cheap cost can try to this school in malaysia!it is only rm 175,000++ if i m not mistaken!maybe try to ask about the cost but because i was sponsor by MAS so i dun really kow the amount of money they are investing on me!anyway u can hav a look with the website at http://www.langkawiaerospace.com Hav a nice days!

20th May 2005, 16:53
That amount comes to about 18000 to 19000 British Pounds. That price sounds sooo sweat!:D.... I'm willing to join MAS and pay this amount, it is just so beautiful... if only MAS accepts foreigners:(

But how professional are Langakawi Aerospace? I hear MFA isn't as good as it should be, although that could just be another rumor.


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